I’m sure we’ll find out more about Richard Ziegler and his book eventually, but for now there appears to be just an ordering page here. (The book comes out later this month.) This was the note he sent out; the quotes are all good — meaning, unlike the recurring phenomenon of people who get the Serb thing but don’t get the Israeli thing (and of course the much bigger swath of folks who get the Israel thing but couldn’t give a damn about the Serb thing), these are all consistent in their sympathies:

I hope you are doing well. I am contacting you to inform you that I have recently written a book on the Bosnian civil war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The book analyzes why so many people were hostile to the Bosnian Serbs. More information on the book, and several short reviews, are available on my website.

I would be appreciative if you could inform your contacts [who] might be interested in the book…The time spent researching and writing the book has depleted my financial resources….
Richard Ziegler

Reviews Of The Book

“Richard Ziegler has written an important, insightful and absorbing book that explains why the political left was so hostile to the Bosnian Serbs. The book deserves to be read by people on the left and on the right.” — James Bissett, Canada’s ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1990-1992

“As a minority view these days, Richard Ziegler’s book, grounded in the historical context of both the Balkans and the Middle East, is an antidote to much of the literature dealing with the conflicts in these regions.” — Professor Henry Srebrnik, University of Prince Edward Island

“A component of the left is obsessed with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and regards the Israelis only as guilty aggressors and the Palestinians only as innocent victims. Richard Ziegler’s fine book explains how a section of the left developed this black and white perspective, and why it is untenable.” — Professor Philip Mendes, Monash University