Maybe because Western countries have been doing a good enough job of that as we out-Muslim the Muslim countries when it comes to the Balkans…

Ceric: Dodik should be declared undesirable

SARAJEVO - Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) Mustafa Ceric has sent a letter to the embassies of Islamic countries in Sarajevo, BiH, in which he proposes that they should deny hospitality to Milorad Dodik and his protectors and mentors from Belgrade, the Information Service of the Islamic Community Rijashet released.

According to announcements, Ceric requested that Dodik and his mentors be declared undesirable persons in those countries due to their spread of Islamophobia, intolerance and hatred towards Muslims and the values of Islam.

The letter was sent to embassies of Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Lybia, Malesia, Pakistan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia.

According to the letter, the religious intolerance displayed by Milorad Dodik towards the Bosniaks may result in a repeated genocide, and the governments of the aforementioned countries are proposed to declare Dodik and his protectors and mentors, particularly those from Belgrade, as undesirable persons, personnae non gratae. [As always, I must point out that in order to have a repeat genocide, there would have had to be one in the first place.]

The letter stresses that Muslim Bosniaks expect relevant political factors and Islamic countries to recognize, condemn and stop the dangerous and anti-humane policy of Milorad Dodik, and expresses belief that Islamic countries have an obligation to protect Islam and Islamic values from discreditation and insults, and show that protagonists of such acts are not welcome or acceptable partners, it is said in the statement reported by the Muslim Information Agency MINA.

Dodik came under attack of the Rijashet of the Islamic Community in BiH twice in two days, over abuse of Islamic terminology, particularly the term Sherijat.

Does anyone understand what this latest complaint against Dodik is?