Bosnia’s Muslims urged to “boycott New Year”
Source: Tanjug

SARAJEVO — The Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina has called on Muslims in that country to boycott the upcoming New Year celebrations.

By taking part, said the organization, they would “violate Allah’s boundaries, and do something their master hates and despises”.

The Islamic Community statement on Wednesday quoted from a book by Almir Dumica, entitled, “Pearls of the Sunnah in the Mosaic of Time”:

“On that night, turn off the lights early and let everyone see you’re boycotting everything happening on that night. Do not fear anyone’s objections. Don’t you have a right to choose? Do not say, ‘how can I do that, I will change nothing, most people do it… I will be declared a black sheep’.”

Muslims are taught that by this behavior they can change a lot, and firstly demonstrate to themselves that the love for their master is much stronger and greater than the fear of objections made by people, said the quote.

“On that night go to bed on time, happy and satisfied that the Allah gave you many benefits that you do not consider often, and which you would become aware of only if you lost them,” the Islamic Community release further said.

“Think about your health and family… the peace and security you enjoy. Then, each night of the year will be much more dear to you than the New Year’s night is to any of those who eagerly await it all year, while a blessed feeling of triumph will overcome your soul and body, because piousness and reason will have won over passions and ugly customs,” the message concluded.

Muslims this year celebrated their New Year on November 25, marking it in mosques, by studying the Koran.