What was I just saying? This:

…Why is it so crucial for Muslims to have their desperately sought genocide?

…Muslims see the Jews as deriving much of their influence, moral authority, and sympathy from the Holocaust. To compete, they must secure their own. That they are achieving it in between committing genocides themselves (Sudan, Turkey, Kosovo, WWII Croatia-Bosnia, 1990s Bosnia) is a testament to their prowess, and to the West’s stupidity and servility.

…[Srebrenica is] a concoction whose key purpose is to remove what Muslims see as the Jewish advantage. Jews being the prime target of whom to turn the world against before swallowing up the rest of it. In the process, another benefit is achieved: With 8,000 (sic) Muslim soldiers sharing the same category, the Holocaust is diminished. As are the real genocides that Muslims carry out.

And so here we are, at the next stage: Bosniaks want UN seat, mufti says
SOURCE: DANAS 24 Dec 2011

NOVI PAZAR — The World Bosniak Congress will request its representation in the UN, says Islamic Community in Serbia Chief Mufti Muamer Zukorlić.

He added that The World Bosniak Congress was an umbrella organization of all the Bosniaks in the world.

The mufti explained that Bosniaks would request to have their representative in the UN in accordance with the World Jewish Congress model.

“Jews got their seat in the UN because they had survived the Holocaust. We survived genocide and we have the right to have our own World Congress and our seat in the UN,” Zukorlić stressed.

He announced that the Bosniak National Foundation in Sarajevo would be formed in the next few days and that it would “consolidate financial strength of Bosniak businessmen”.

The mufti added that “Bosniaks also need a Bosniak national university that will be founded in Sarajevo in the next period”.

He supported Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina Chief Mufti Mustafa Cerić’s proposal to embassies of the Islamic countries in Sarajevo to deny their hospitality to Republic of Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik. […]

That last bit is a reference to, essentially, the fatwa that’s been put out on the Bosnian-Serb president, Milorad Dodik. Not a literal fatwa, but we know that Muslim leaders leave it to the wider community to interpret for themselves what needs to be done with someone who is “anti-Muslim.”

Back to the point of the World Bosniak Congress. They’re trying to buttress their false ethnicity — Bosniak (which evolved from a false nationality — Bosnian), via genocide. That is, they’ve managed to create a national and ethnic identity based on genocide. Which didn’t happen. (The ICTY may have ruled that it happened, but forgot to show any evidence demonstrating that it happened.) In response to the above news item, I can’t do better than the comments section, an excerpt from which Liz — who circulated the item — provided:

By “Analyst,” Dec. 24, 12:47:

What a nonsense to compare Bosniaks with the Jews, living all around the world. As far as I know, Bosnia is already an UN member, so Bosniaks are already represented.

By Ari Gold, Dec. 24, 12:38:

What the hell does that even mean? So in an organization full of member STATES, you want your organization to have a seat as valuable as an entire country? I’m actually not too sure what in the world hes trying to say.

If that in fact is exactly what he means then I’m afraid the mufti has gone completely insane. Adem Zikic and the rival Islamic community to Zukorlic consider themselves as Serbian Muslims and their seat is in Beograd. I don’t know how the Serb government could not support them 100% fully rather than even treating them as equal communities. One is separatist and radical Wahhabi the other are moderates… wtf?

By Zoran, Dec. 24, 12:19:

“Jews got their seat in the UN because they had survived the Holocaust. We survived genocide and we have the right to have our own World Congress and our seat in the UN,” Zukorlić stressed.

The term genocide doesn’t have the same meaning as before. Claiming Srebrenica is genocide has a political motive, whereas it would generally be considered a massacre. The countries pushing this claim are the ones now accusing each other of [genocide]. Turkey against the Armenians, France against the Algerians and lets not forget the US of A was built on genocide against the native Indians. Croatia committed genocide twice against the Serbians and are now joining their genocidal EU family with Germany at the helm.

If the massacre of a few thousand soldiers is considered genocide then so is the Dasht-i-Leili massacre committed with US blessing in Afghanistan. So are the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings. The list goes on and on.

By Winston, Dec. 24, 12:09:

The mufti Zukorlić is spreading his holiday cheers already. Every time he opens his mouth, out comes pure venom. And he has the [gall] to criticize Dodik. BTW, what’s a Bosniak? Are those the Serbs in Bosnia that gave up their faith in Christianity and converted to Islam during Ottoman rule, for the sake of a few privileges?