Two weeks ago, I forwarded the following appeal to Pamela Geller, who was good enough to post it immediately on her widely read website, popular among freedom-lovers and Israel defenders. So a big thank you to the ever-efficient Pamela and everyone who responded. I, on the other hand, am only now getting to posting this critical appeal.

Dear All,

The message below is from the priest in our church, St. Archangel Michael in Saratoga. We are still raising money to help the children and elderly in Milosevo (a village near Pristina) and in Slivovo. Information how to donate is in the message below.

We got a very generous donation of $3000 through the web site of Pamela Geller - Atlas Shrug[s].

Thank you all who participated in this fund raise and who spread the information about our fund raise and helped us collect more than $7000.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

…We appeal to all other parishioners and friends of our church and our people to bring or send your donations as soon as possible. This second round of fundraising is planned to reach Kosovo and Metohija for Saint Sava, January 27th. The help will be hand carried to the people of Miloševo (a poor Serbian village located only 7km from Priština) by the parish Priest Boško Klisarić, and utilized to help and donate school supplies to Serbian children in the north and other parts of Kosovo. Recipients of these funds have committed to confirm receipt of the help they receive and provide information on how this help was utilized. Instructions on how you can make your donation are included below. Thank you in advance!

God Bless All!
In Christ,
Fr. Slobodan


Credit card and donations through your checking/savings account can be made as follows:
. Go to our church website
. Click on the “Donate” button under “Donations for Kosovo humanitarian fund”
. Enter the amount you wish to donate
. Click on “Update amount”
. Enter your Paypal login and password (setting up a Paypal account is quick and free)
. Select payment method (credit card, bank account, etc), and
. Click on “Donate $ amount now”

Checks (with memo “Kosovo”) can be mailed to our Church at:
St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church
18870 Allendale Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070

Checks (with memo “Kosovo”) can be dropped off with:
Dragoslav Grbović or Nenad Vukićević, or in the big-brown collections box (labeled with the Kosovo poster) located in the church hall’s lobby

One comment posted to the Atlas Shrugs site read as follows:


We are a Christian humanitarian aid organization in Finland with our own 40 ton truck and a staff of 6. (Every year we send 30-40 truckloads to East Europe) We have clothes and shoes in abundance and could send clothes and shoes to Serbia. We have no contacts there. Only diesel and the boat trip to Tallinn from Helsinki costs us money. Dry heating wood is about 60 €/m3 here.

Looking for reliable contacts in Serbia.

I’ve made several attempts to contact Star of Hope, as have at least two other people, but so far there has been no response, at least to my knowledge. The only email address I found on the site is as follows: first Perhaps there isn’t supposed to be a space between “first” and “name,” but I’ve tried emailing both ways and have had no luck. Perhaps there is a contact form on the site, but I haven’t found it. On the other hand, there are a few Finnish names and phone numbers listed.

I would like to put them in touch with the following group that I heard from:

Dear Julia,
I am writing to you on behalf of the Serbian society Zadužbina, an organization dedicated to helping the Serbian population in the regions of Kosovo and Metohia. Our headquarters are situated in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, and for the past four years we have provided continuous aid to Serbian families all over Kosovo and Metohia, especially in areas where the Serbian population is isolated and where living conditions are most difficult.

…We are a serious and [reliable] group dedicated to our cause, and one that is at your disposal. You are welcome to contact us via email: in case you have any questions regarding ways for us to cooperate as successfully and effectively as possible.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help those who need our help the most, and whose bare survival depends on it.
Kind regards,

Nemanja Nedjic
Serbian organization Zadužbina


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