The script he’s reading from is more over-the-top than, I think, even any Muslim would demand of a dhimmi. Is it his Frenchness that drives him to such submission, or is he just a Muslim? (His last name may be Turkish.)

“French People Unaware Of Many Of Developments In Recent History” (Feb. 2)

The French ambassador to Turkey Laurent Bili…says that the French people are unaware of many of the developments in recent history.

He said that the French know nothing about the suffering of Turks and Muslim people, that while the French lost 1,6 million people in the First World War, Turks suffered a loss of 2,5 million people during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and that no one in France knew that , and added that these facts needed to be explained.

In other words, you’re supposed to feel the pain of the departing occupiers as they lose their repressive empire. Feel bad over the enemy’s defeat. And this history the ambassador compares to WWI. Nice.

He called attention to the fact that the Armenian issue could not be understood by looking at the 1915 incidents alone and noted that a much bigger of portion of history in a wider geography needed to be examined thoroughly.

That is, see things through Islamic eyes.

Ambassador Bili said further that Turks had started to be driven out of the Caucasus and the Balkans as of 1878 and more than 1 million people were exiled from the Balkans alone, adding that over 100 thousand people lost their lives in that period and that he had understood after reading the book of Dutch historian Zürcher that Armenians had to pay a price as a result of those mistakes they were involved in.

i.e. You must pay a price for standing up to your master.

Bili also said that he was going to invite the Armenians in France to visit Turkey and wanted to show the change Turkey had gone through.

He also said self-critically that French ambassadors had not worked sufficiently in that regard and failed to convey the changes in Turkey.

Standard Islamic M.O.: Trick the public through an image war. (”Self-critical” they call his berating himself for slacking on the propaganda front.) Meanwhile, one has to ask: What change does Turkey need to have gone through, if the whole point is that Armenians got what they deserved for standing up to the Turks? Or does he want to show them Turkey’s progress in Islamisizing, to strike fear into their hearts so they shut up?

Speaking also about the political and democratic development in Turkey, French ambassador Laurent Bili said that he had observed huge changes in Turkey when he returned 12 years later after completion of his term of office in Ankara in 1999, adding that he saw the biggest change in the political atmosphere and free thinking, qualifying them as markedly different from what he viewed in the 90s.

“Free-thinking.” That is, more openly supporting Islamism — like in the rest of the Muslim world and the Arab Spring.