I am corrected by yet another reader on my blog post “The Albanian Anne Frank“. While writer/director Roko Markolovic may be from Montenegro, he is not a ‘Montenegrin,” nor is he a Catholic (which another reader thought possible), but a Muslim — of most likely mixed ethnic parentage — according to reader “Real Montenegrin.” That would explain his use of the word “our” in the phrase “our version of Anne Frank’s Diary.”

Julia, Roko Markolovic is not Montenegrin, he is a Muslim from Montenegro. Albanians and Muslims from Montenegro are notorious Serb-haters. They also hold key positions in Milo Djukanovic’s (former PM/president/PM) dictatorship (which he runs behind the scenes via his stooges). These ex-Serb, muslim converts are very muslimy and hate their Christian and Serbian origins with a psychotic passion. They are sad, stupid and miserable characters who are slaves to their hatred.

Radovan Karadzic, founder of Republika Srpska, a real Montenegrin, warned the American public on “20/20″ that Muslims are intolerant and arrogant, and that Americans will one day also fall victims to muslim terror.