It’s already been a busy year for Tampa, Florida when it comes to the Balkans. No sooner was a Kosovo Albanian arrested for planning to blow the town up, than a citizen from — drum roll please! — “Bosnia and Herzegovina” was arrested for having sex with a minor on a cruise ship where he is assistant director. That’s right, this time there was no “former Yugoslav” or any other non-specificity about the perp’s identity. And, apparently, we’re even past “Bosnia” and on to “Bosnia and Herzegovina.” As I’ve been relishing lately, Americans are being forced — by their own cherished client-ethnicities — into having to sort out the peoples they bombed or supported almost 20 years ago.

Cruise Employee Faces Child Sex Charges (March 6)

Senad Djedovic worked for Norwegian Cruise Lines for six years — until this past Sunday, when the FBI was waiting for him as the Norwegian Star sailed back to port in Tampa.

Djedovic, 29, was the assistant cruise director. But he is now under arrest for having sex with a minor and engaging in child pornography.

The FBI was contacted by the internal security team from Norwegian. On February 27, the cruise line advised the FBI a crewmember reported that Djedovic showed him nude photos of a young girl on Djedovic’s work computer. The crewmember said Djedovic told him the girl was 16 years old.

The teen, who is from Minnesota, was with her family for a seven-day cruise out of Tampa. They left January 29.

According to the court documents, the two met shortly after the girl boarded. A day or two later, the girl introduced Djedovic to her father. Later, when the FBI interviewed her father, he said he specifically advised Djedovic that his daughter “was 16 years old.”

Djedovic reportedly told authorities the two had sex in a stairwell. He told them, “all the way through I knew it was wrong.”

Prior to leaving the ship, Djedovic said he exchanged emails with the teen and admitted to exchanging a lot of emails with her in the past six or seven weeks.

One email said, “I miss you big time…you little young girl.” He asked her to send photos of herself, then sen[t] back explicit photos of himself and a video.

During an interview with the FBI, Djedovic said he learned she was 16 after the sexual contact. But he then admitted he knew she was 16 when they were exchanging the sexually explicit photographs.

According to the court documents, he also admitted to telling other crewmembers that she was 16.

Djedovic is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been with Norwegian for six years, sailing on seven different ships.

During a brief investigation of his personal electronics, agents say they located on a hard drive — under a subfolder entitled “scandals” — several videos called “12 yrs old,” “15 yrs old,” and “16 yr old Pakistane.”

The FBI said it appears these videos were downloaded from the internet and appear to depict minors engaged in sexual activity. […]

Now, it doesn’t take a Bosnian-Muslim to have sex with a 16-year-old, or to sing about videos of sex with 12- and 15-year-olds. But according to Nancy, who used to help resettle Bosnian refugees in her city:

I had noticed among the Bosnians who came over in the 90s that the young men in their twenties started making tracks to any apartment with a girl from 10 years on. One gal was 12 when she started “dating” a guy of 25, both of them Muslims though. By 16 she was married with 2 kids. One of the Serbian girls aged 13 kept me informed about them because the same guy had been after her little 11 year old sister too…