I didn’t even hear about this at the time, but apparently in 2010 an Albanian in England beheaded a Brit. The update is that he was sentenced last week:

Golf club beheading man Jonathan Limani jailed for life (March 19)

A man who beheaded a restaurant manager at a golf club has been jailed for life.

The body of Christopher Varian, 32, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, was discovered by colleagues at The Oxfordshire in Thame in August 2010.

Jonathan Limani, 34, formerly of Rycote Lane, Thame, pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility at Oxford Crown Court.

Limani, a waiter at the hotel, was told he would serve at least 19 years.

Judge Anthony King said Limani, who is currently at Broadmoor Hospital, may never be released.

The court heard how staff had found the killer sitting near Mr Varian’s decapitated body after attacking him with a knife.

Limani was said to have a lengthy history of mental ill health and paranoid schizophrenia.

He also had a criminal conviction for supplying heroin in Switzerland.

Limani, an Albanian with a Swedish passport, had previously denied all charges when he appeared in court, last November.

Notice how the word “Albanian” follows the words “heroin” and “Switzerland.” We just got finished talking about the whole Swiss connection to Albanian criminals, and of course Albanians are the heroin kings, so there was that red flag too. (Sensible Sweden and Switzerland, meanwhile, were both proud early recognizers of stolen Kosovo.) One must also give props to the BBC in this report for not mincing words about the killer’s ethnic identity by using the more comfortable “former Yugoslav” (so as to diminish embarrassment over our clients’ true natures; as I recently wrote, accounting for this shift toward more accurate Balkan identifications may be Western exasperation with those clients). But let’s not overlook something else that’s just been revealed, specifically in the sentence “Limani was said to have a lengthy history of mental ill health….”

We’re repeatedly told that Albanian Muslims are nothing like “those” Muslims, one of the supposed key rationales for a U.S.-created Muslim state in Kosovo. But notice that with every new case of a lone Islamic terrorist striking, we get a “mental problems” explanation. And so here we are getting the same explanation for a violent Albanian. And this isn’t the first time. I’ve pointed out before that media and governments, by their own accounts and analyses, are defining Islam as a mental illness, which I agree with. It would appear that Albanians, like Muslims in general, have a disproportionate incidence of mental health issues that cause them to be violent (yet another of the countless consistencies between Islam and Albanianism). Same, apparently, with Bosnian Muslims, so it would seem that the “not like that” Muslims of the Balkans have yet something else in common with the “like that” Muslims.

And then of course one must ask — again — what is this Albanian affinity for beheading? It sounds almost…Islamic. But since we’re told that can’t be it — and especially since this person wasn’t necessarily a religious Muslim or Muslim at all — we’re left only with the Julia explanation: Muslims and Albanians are very similar. Islam on an Albanian is redundant. And so with Albanian-Muslim males in particular, you can end up with double your Muslim. Or double your Albanian, take your pick.

The victim’s father Nigel Varian, who runs a bed and breakfast with wife Sue in France, told the BBC about the day the couple learnt of their son’s death.

“It was a terrible, terrible day, because we were on our way over to our other son’s wedding,” he said.

“That Chris had been killed by this guy who worked for him, and that he was beheaded at the scene, was just impossible to get to grips with.

“It was just after lunchtime and when a break came up Chris went out to the staff smoking area to take a cigarette and while he was there this man Limani, who was a server, followed him out there and assaulted him with a knife.

“Chris didn’t appear to have time to even cry out.

“When he was on the ground Limani then proceeded to decapitate him in the most gruesome manner.

“It was just a total shock to us when we heard this. This is probably the most shocking aspect of the whole case.”

Mr Varian said they still thought about their son almost all the time.

Mrs Varian said: “It’s still hard to come to terms with his loss and the horrendous manner in which he died.

“It’s left me with a bed and breakfast business that I no longer want to be in. My heart’s gone out of hospitality.

“We are now trying to sell and I don’t know where we will go from here except that we want to be with our family and keep strong together.”

Det Ch Insp Steve Tolmie, of Thames Valley Police’s Major Crimes Unit, said it was one of the most violent crimes he had seen in a 30-year career.

“Any murder investigation is by its very nature violent and traumatic for the family,” he said.

“This one was at the very high end of the scale and was certainly brutal and savage.”

That’s right. It took an Albanian to provide this detective with the most savage case of his 30-year career.

In an earlier statement the Varian family had questioned how Limani came to be living and working in the UK and said they thought there had been “a catalogue of errors”.

Catherine Bearder, Liberal Democrat MEP for South East England, said: “This is a dreadful crime but it’s very difficult to see how that could have been prevented.

“It’s always easier after the fact.

“I’m working with my colleagues across Europe to increase cross-border co-operation with police forces.”

Det Ch Insp Tolmie said Limani applied for dual nationality when he was in Sweden.

“Because that was in place he then managed to enter the country, which he did legitimately.

“He didn’t disclose the fact that he had previous convictions so he therefore managed to come in and find employment at The Oxfordshire hotel.”

A criminal record? Really? Nothing Albanian about that. Just like criminality and Islam don’t go hand in hand, right? And, an Albanian not disclosing something to his Western patrons? Couldn’t be.

As for how Limani came to be living and working in the UK and the MEP’s response that “it’s very difficult to see how that could have been prevented” and “it’s always easier after the fact”: No, my clueless cosmopolitan cog. This one was easy enough to get before the fact. But it seems the whole point of having a backwards foreign policy in the Balkans (pro-Albanian, anti-Serb) — which maximizes the dangers to the citizenry — is to then have an excuse to maximize policing of that citizenry. If the policy from the start hadn’t been pro-criminal and pro-terrorist, then we might have had a healthy suspicion of the aggressive side that now turns its aggressions in new directions, beyond the Serbs.

But recall that the same question came up in Finland in 2010 (as did the mental illness): Flashback:

Finns are asking why Shkupolli, who had a job in a warehousing company, was not kept under closer surveillance by the police after his former girlfriend lodged formal complaints against him…The troubled relationship seems to have been regarded by the police as a domestic affair and Shkupolli’s criminal record or state of mental health was not taken fully into consideration.

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm conducted a large-scale survey of the mental health of Kosovo Albanians living in Sweden and found that many suffered from clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Similar findings have been made in other countries that took large numbers of Bosnian or Kosovan refugees during and after the Balkan wars. There seems to have been no follow-up study in Finland, which has been one of the strongest champions of an independent Kosovan statehood.

And recall this headline, which may go a long way to answer the perpetual question about how dangerous Albanians are getting free run of Europe: “80 foreign murderers welcomed to Britain: Albanian killers allowed to stay despite being on Interpol ‘wanted’ list” (Indeed, who can forget about this classic: “NatWest handed [Albanian] Al Qaeda terrorist 100% mortgage to buy £93,000 home he turned into a bomb factory“)

Closing up with the current item now, about Mr. Varian:

In a statement, The Oxfordshire said staff were glad the court had reached a verdict.

“Christopher was a much-loved member of staff and is greatly missed by all of us,” it said.

Indeed, thanks to the U.S.- and German-led — and UK-supported — Balkans policies, this was taken away from us:

Leaving us with this: