As usual I’m about a month late, but in the first week of April someone at an outfit called The Washington Free Beacon actually noticed Washington’s love of war criminals, mobsters, terrorists and organ-traffickers. Despite the fact that the terrorized, trafficked, and lynched people were mere Serbs.

A writer there named Adam Kredo wrote the article below, and The Washington Times blog actually picked up the link, as did Matt Drudge. Perhaps this owes to election year partisanship, but one is grateful even for that small favor, since the Democrats’ terrorist war should have been seized on by Republicans in Election 2000 (the year the fiction leading to the war was exposed); Election 2004 (the year our Kosovo project exploded and NATO peacekeepers were killed); and Election 2008 (when our Dem-driven pro-jihad policy there culminated in “inevitable” Bush-supported state recognition). As American Council for Kosovo director Jim Jatras wrote in an email responding to the circulated item below: “When it comes to tempting targets, you’d think the Romney folks would be interested in this. GOP grassroots would love it! But then it would expose the Bushies’ and neocons’ identical support for these same KLA criminals, Hashim ‘Snake’ Thaci foremost.”

Biden’s Buddy: Organ Trafficker
Biden to welcome accused trafficker of human organs to White House

[Caption flashback: “Now if I had a head of hair like THAT!” “Joe, I can get you a transplant!” “Of a head?” “That too.”]

Vice President Joe Biden is set to welcome to the White House a man who is currently under investigation for trafficking human organs on behalf of a “mafia-like” crime ring.

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is schedule to meet with Biden this Thursday at the White House, according to the vice president’s public schedule.

Thaci is accused by the Council of Europe of being one of the central players in a crime syndicate that smuggled guns, drugs, and human organs in run-up to the 1998 Kosovo war.

The Guardian newspaper outlined the case against Thaci in a 2010 article:

“Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1998-99 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country’s government since.

“The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted ‘violent control’ over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.”

“This is striking — even for Joe Biden,” said one GOP operative. “Talk about being out of touch. And can you imagine if the president does a drop-in on the meeting?”

The European Court of Human Rights named Thaci as the head of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a “mafia-like” militant [group] that is said to have trafficked in human organs and committed routine assassinations and beatings.

Biden — who has not shied away from public meetings with Thaci — met with the leader in 2010 “as part of the Administration’s frequent consultations with our European partners on our shared agenda,” according to a White House press release.

Actually, it didn’t take the human rights court to “name Thaci as” its head. He was the KLA capo whom the Clinton administration dealt with officially. And the nature of the KLA was being reported by The Washington Times in 1999.

Meanwhile, one has to express some puzzlement over the unnamed GOP operative’s appropriate denunciation of Biden, since it was at least as “striking” when Bush — not a vice president — met with Thaci in August 2008. Talk about being out of touch, GOP.

Or are friendly meetings with terrorists and criminals only noticed in election years?

Come to think of it, 2008 was an election year. And this woman’s husband was the GOP candidate:

About the Soros-funded John McCain, thankfully in 2008 we did have World Net Daily noticing “Group Tied to al-Qaida Backs McCain for Prez” (with honorable mention to the Stop Islamic Conquest blog for “McCain’s Ties to Islamic Terrorists — and Heroin Traffickers” ; to Serbianna for “John McCain Armed Kosovo Islamic Terrorists” ; and to Accuracy in Media for “McCain Supports Radical Muslims in Kosovo” ).

It would have been a great talking point for the 2008 Obama campaign, except it would de-legitimize the “model war” which Democrats tout in “contrast” to Iraq. Similarly, the 2000 Bush campaign could have, but didn’t, seize on the lie-driven Kosovo war that was spreading that year, despite Bush’s opponent being vice president of it; and again in 2004 the Bush campaign didn’t seize on the Democratic Convention having John Kerry pal Hashim Thaci as an invited guest.

Also apparently missed by the GOP operative is that McCain’s top fundraiser — as well as the GOP candidate in the 2010 New York Senate race — was terror financier and father of an American Idol judge, Joseph DioGuardi.

I also note the irony of a Washington Times blog cross-posting the Free Beacon item, given that despite The Times‘ 1999 research into, and objections to, the KLA — and despite my 1400-word effort in 2010, at their request, to inform the public about the real Kosovo — the paper closed 2011 by printing a standard pro-Kosovo whitewash praising the province’s “president” Atifete Jahjaga after her propaganda tour on which the Washington Times editorial board was a scheduled stop. (Not that this is the first time they decided to balance truth and propaganda on the Kosovo front, an interesting equilibrium indeed, and unique to Balkans coverage.) Yet Jahjaga represents the government of the very gangsters and ghouls that the Times-linked Beacon piece balks at.

It was so outside the norm to see any objections in the U.S. — even in supposedly “alternative” media — to American officials’ close relationship with proud monsters, that Serbian news agency Tanjug was compelled to cover the coverage, quoting most of the Washington Free Beacon piece:

Biden criticized for announced meeting with Taci (April 3)

Washington Free Beacon expressed criticism of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden for his decision to meet with Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci…Taci has arrived in Washington, and according to Pristina press, he is now expecting to be received by U.S. President Barack Obama, though there is still no confirmation that the meeting will take place. [It did not. Which is more than can be said of his predecessors.]

Unused to Washington’s friendship with terrorists, mobsters and traffickers not going unnoticed, during his meeting with Thaci Biden felt he had to express some disapproval over the past year’s worth of attacks on churches and monasteries by Thaci’s stable, democratic, law-abiding, EU-ready populace. (Damage control requires some condemnation of Serb-killing while hosting a Serb-killer at the White House.)

Thaci also met with Madeleine Albright, Ban Ki Moon, and gave a press conference with Hillary Clinton; meanwhile, Serbian president Boris Tadic — who was to be in Washington at the same time — canceled.

Washington-based analyst Obrad Kesić explained rather generously, “The American administration has decided that, at least for the time being, Hashim Thaci despite all his shortcomings represents the best solution for them….” And the most apt summary of the situation unsurprisingly came from David Yeagley, of the Bad Eagle blog, with a caption under the above picture reading, “…Kosovo mobster Hashim Thaçi, head of the newly US-created crime center in Eastern Europe. Kosovo was literally robbed from Serbia under Bill Clinton’s Administration.”

White House Celebrates Crimes Against Serbia (April 2)

In an endless stream of national denigrations, the Democrat administration has now invited Kosovo’s Albanian Muslim mobster Hashim Thaçi to the White House. Vice-President Joe Biden has met with thug Thaçi before (2010). This is a continuation of America’s greatest crime of the 20th Century: the international theft of Kosovo from Serbia, and the creation of a new, East European Muslim state and haven for every species of international crime known to man. Bill Clinton started it, George Bush celebrated it, and [Obama] continues it.

…[The KLA is] a violent para-military group known for trafficking humans, human organs, weapons, drugs; for committing routine assassinations, extortion, and brutal beatings…Hashim Thaçi has a long history of antagonism against Serbia. He became Prime Minister of Kosovo in 2007, and vowed to make Kosovo independent from Serbia then [as well as a decade earlier, actually]…This is the kind of man celebrated by the White House. This is a hero in the eyes of our national government.

The American liberal news is all well-aware of the criminal process in Kosovo. Thaçi has been watched carefully for some time. Even congratulated the monster, just last year:

“Hashim Thaçi should be congratulated. He has managed to declare himself Prime Minister of a country which does not exist (and under international law, never will), after leading one of the most monstrous terrorist organizations to acts of barbarism and terrorism, torture and rape, kidnapping and murder. He is the example of a monster-turned-Prince, unethically fêted by members of the international community, despite having an arrest warrant issued against him for terrorist activities.

“Congratulations to Hashim Thaçi, former commander of the Albanian terrorist group Ushtia Çlirimtare ë Kosovës, or Kosovo Liberation Army, a group which he admitted perpetrated terrorist acts against civilians to create trouble for the Serbian authorities. As leader of the Partia Demokratike e Kosovës (Democratic Party of Kosovo), he now claims to be Prime Minister after this weekend’s legislative elections, the first since the self-proclaimed ‘independence’ of this Serbian Province. The problem is how can he be the Prime Minister of a country which does not exist according to all the norms of international law?”

Moscow has at least notions of concern about Serbia, a [Slavic] state, more than for a US-created Muslim criminal state in Eastern Europe. has said many times in the past, the mistake Serbia made was letting Muslim Albanians migrate into Serbia. The lesson of Kosovo is simple enough: enough foreigners move in, then they claim the territory. But, just how and why the United States decided to support such an international crime, a global theft, so obvious, so outrageous, is a mystery which is as yet unsolved.

(Well, I solved part of it with my do-as-Albanians-say-or-else article, and the other parts involve a) trying to win Islamic favor; b) Clinton needing a war to displace “Lewinsky” and “Broaddrick” from headlines; c) Kosovo fitting in with the longer-range goal of destroying the nation-state and having open borders and a one-world government; d) our encroaching into Russia’s neighborhood and having a practice run for the eventual break-up of that country, again using Muslims to help achieve it; and e) the nature of foreign policy being only forward-looking and never reevaluating: we’ve made a mistake, so let’s keep making it until we make it work for us. That’s precisely why neither Democrat nor Republican campaigns ever seize on the 800-pound Kosovo gorilla (and Romney won’t either): Cowing to Albanian blood blackmail even before it was that dangerous not to, both sides have decided there’s “no way out” of Kosovo, and have figured out how to mine it to their advantage. If both sides agreeing to agree doesn’t say that something is rotten in Denmark, nothing will.)

Heroine, arms, sex, whatever any organized crime has to offer, apparently Clinton approved of it, and the Bush administration covered for it, and [now] the White House openly celebrates.

The White House honors Hashim Thaçi. This is truly beyond the pale. This fantasy nationhood. There is no dignity, no pride, no honor, and no strength in the United States government. It cannot be. Not now. It is about power and money, in the hand[s] of a few players. Nations are only cards or chips in the game, tools in the trade. Nationhood is nothing to them. These elitist power mongers think themselves above nationhood, above humanity.

It is blasphemy.

In a footnote that’s even more twisted (if you can imagine), last Friday Thaci penned an
essay for Foreign Policy Magazine praising the Obama administration for establishing the Atrocities Prevention Board. Whatever Satanically-orchestrated events had to come together for the magazine to come up with a known murderer and torturer to be its author for this piece, it all inspires one to request an early check-out from this earth.

To my knowledge, only The American Conservative’s Daniel Larison mentioned it: “Leading Kosovo War Criminal Praises the Atrocities Prevention Board

Kosovo Prime Minister and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci has written a paean to the new Atrocities Prevention Board. This is both utterly hypocritical and disgraceful. Thaci is one of the men implicated in a 2010 report in human and drug trafficking and organ-harvesting during 1998 and 1999:

“…The report alleged that the ICTY, United Nations, NATO, and individual Western governments had failed to thoroughly investigate serious war crimes committed by the members of a KLA unit known as the Drenica Group during the 1998-1999 conflict with Serbia. According to Marty’s report, the unit had violently seized and operated the lucrative trading routes across the Prokletije mountain range on the Kosovo-Albania border. He alleges the group amassed considerable fortunes supplying weaponry to local forces — and trafficked in human beings, heroin, and organs taken from Serb and Albanian prisoners of war. Marty’s report identified the leader of Drenica Group as a man called “The Snake” — a.k.a. Hashim Thaqi, who two days earlier had been named prime minister re-elect of the Republic of Kosovo…”

The Atrocities Prevention Board may be mostly useless, or it may provide the means for increased military interventionism in the future, but it’s absurd to take seriously arguments for it from a war criminal. Indeed, the empowerment of Thaci and his associates since 1999 is a sobering reminder of [the atrocities that] can result from “humanitarian” military interventions carried out in the name of halting atrocities.

One can only imagine what additional atrocities we have in store for the Serbs this year, given that it’s an election year. As I’ve pointed out before, U.S. election years tend to be most violent in Kosovo. Election 2000: Roma- and Serb-killing spree; Election 2004: province-wide riots and fires to expel remaining Serbs; 2008: secession recognition leading to Serb protests violently disrupted by NATO troops. Especially if 2012 is set to be the end of supervised independence, then that means our final solution for the resisting Serbs — whose final stages were set in motion last July and erupted again in September-October — will occur very soon.