Maybe because they want EULEX to stop suppressing the bigger organ-trafficking story while pretending to enforce law, order, and justice with a politically easier case?

Canadian man testifies at Kosovo organ trafficking trial (AP, Nebi Qena, March 23)

A Canadian man testified Friday that he paid more than $100,000 to an Israeli citizen in 2008 to organize a kidney transplant in a Kosovo clinic allegedly used by an international organ trafficking network for dozens of illegal operations.

Raul Fain, 66, of Toronto, told a European Union-run panel of three judges that he sought foreign organ donors after doctors told him he could wait up to 12 years for such an operation in Canada.

Fain testified from Canada via a video link to the trial of seven Kosovars suspected of involvement in the criminal network.

Victims were promised up to about $20,000 while kidney recipients were required to pay as much as $135,000, according to [prosecutor] Ratel.

The case began with indictments in November 2010, and the trial began last year. It is providing a stark look at a crime network that allegedly organized organ transplants and included criminals from countries such as Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and Israel.

Ratel said Fain’s testimony helped “crystalize issues that have been outstanding for some time.” He said Russian authorities were withholding evidence and access to crucial witnesses and at least three injured parties.

“These three persons have been located, identified and provided statements to investigative authorities within the Russian Federation,” Ratel said stressing that Russian authorities did not respond to requests for legal assistance from the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo.
“A lot is said and a lot written … All I have had through diplomatic channels has been definite silence,” Ratel said.

Russia does not recognize Kosovo’s secession from Serbia, and Russian authorities are calling for an independent inquiry into allegations raised in a 2008 book by former UN war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte that ethnic Albanian guerrillas killed Serb captives during the 1998-99 Kosovo war and sold their organs.

The claims led to Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty writing a report saying he has witness statements proving Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and other citizens who once served as rebel commanders in the Kosovo Liberation Army had run detention centres on Albania’s border with Kosovo where civilian captives, including Serbs, were killed and their organs sold on the black market during Kosovo’s war for independence from Serbia. […]

Of course, when Albanian or Kosovo authorities don’t cooperate with EULEX investigation, there is no complaining about, or highlighting of, that fact. The cases are simply dropped, and “not enough evidence” is claimed.