I didn’t have anything marking this past March 24th, the 13th anniversary of America’s Greatest Crime. But I did notice the following item about March 24th of last year.

To make things up to Serbia on the 12th anniversary, we dragged Serbia’s face through our shit. This time by holding an “economic conference” March 23-24th in Baltimore, to which the “government” of the “republic” of Kosovo was invited. Thereby breaking another of what few, remaining, pathetic, futile conditions Serbia has tried to set in lieu of any compromises or quid pro quos on the Kosovo matter. (Namely, no Kosovo participation as a state in international conferences — the status of which we got an update on just last month: “Serbia and Kosovo reached a regional cooperation agreement that will permit Pristina to take part in conferences concerning the Balkans without Belgrade recognizing Kosovo’s independence for the time being. The agreement was one of the main conditions placed on Serbia by Brussels to become a candidate for EU admission.” This comes to us from an AFP item titled “Clinton Congratulates Serbia on EU Candidacy” i.e., ‘Congratulations on Getting Raped and Beaten by Us and Some of Your Own.’ Of course, as early as 2009 then EU president, Spain, had announced it would allow Kosovo participation at EU meetings.)

Anyway, our 12th anniversary gift to Serbia — that March 23-24 conference in Baltimore — was actually a triple insult, given that I grew up in Baltimore:

Serbia boycotts U.S.-Balkans Business Summit (Danas, Tanjug; March 14)

U.S. State Department official Thomas Countryman has stated that Belgrade is sending a wrong message by boycotting a conference.

The gathering is to be held between political leaders and businessmen of the Western Balkan countries and the current and potential partners from the U.S., and Serbia has opted not to participate [because] of attendance of Kosovo Albanian representatives.

MFA Political Director and leader of Belgrade’s team in Kosovo talks Borko Stefanović told B92 on Monday in Belgrade that the Baltimore meeting would have Hashim Thaci participate, with Kosovo represented as “the republic of Kosovo”.

Meanwhile, Belgrade-based daily Danas quotes Countryman as saying that the boycott puts politics before economy and diminishes what was once looked upon as sincere effort of Belgrade and Washington to build better economic relations. [SINCERE!]

He pointed out that boycotting the conference, as well as discouraging Serbian businessmen from participating in it together with several hundreds of businessmen and investors from the U.S. and the Western Balkans, is disappointing, not as a political issue, but rather as an economic issue at the time when the U.S. are trying to build economic and business ties with Serbia. [Read: economic blackmail. It’s Washington’s usual toward Serbia: professing friendship and relationship progress while stabbing.]

On behalf of the U.S. Administration, the government of the Federal State of Maryland will organize in Baltimore on March 23-24 a summit between the political leaders and business people from the Western Balkan countries and the current and potential partners from the U.S.

The newspaper writes that while the conference will be attended by many regional leaders,they will not include President Boris Tadić or Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković, “and the presence of other participants from Serbia is also very uncertain”.

The American hosts are disappointed, although not particularly surprised with Belgrade decision not to attend, since, in accordance with the Serbian authorities’ custom to boycott any international event the list of which includes the Kosovo representatives, the organizers of the Business Summit in Maryland were also made clear that they should not count on the participation on Serbia’s representatives in Baltimore, the paper writes.

Make this a quadruple insult, given that Washington — after the story broke in December 2010 about Thaci killing and de-organing Serbs — wasted no time in inviting the slaughterer to a conference, in equal standing to his slaughterees.