“This is a dreadful crime but it’s very difficult to see how that could have been prevented.”
– Liberal Democrat MEP for South East England, Catherine Bearder

Since writing about the predictable, avoidable, savage beheading of 32-year-old restaurant manager Chris Varian in Thame, I’ve gotten some additional, frustrating details about the perpetrator from someone close to the case who prefers not to be named:

…After Chris was murdered in such a horrendous manner I did start doing some research on the net to try and find out just “who was this guy?” It was then that I started to come across articles about Albania, heroin, mafia, Switzerland, and when Interpol turned up his arrest in Switzerland in 1999 for pushing heroin, a connection with the Albanian mafia didn’t seem that far fetched given that one of the Albanian mafia bosses was also called Limani. It fell on deaf ears here though. The Internationality of this case has been a significant factor which the authorities here don’t seem too interested in following up. They just see a murder, got the man, got the weapon, did the forensics, so should get a conviction. To hell with the wider issues of why or even of possible broader connections. Anyway I found out nothing concrete about the guy.

The foreign angle did come up fairly quickly when prescribed drugs for treating a psychotic disorder were found in his room with the name of his Swedish psychiatrist. His defence then determined that the only viable partial defence to Murder was Manslaughter with Diminished Responsibility ie yes he did it but he was crazy at the time and not responsible for his actions. Contacting his Swedish psychiatrist yielded a 120 page report of a psychiatric history spanning 5 years in Sweden. Once that was found the psychiatrists had a field day and the prosecution had little hope of making a murder conviction stick. The perceived wisdom is that he’s a paranoid schizophrenic with probable underlying Antisocial Personality Disorder, although the latter seems just another way of saying that he’s Albanian. He’d check in and out of psychiatric clinics when it suited him and seemed often to be using them just like hotels. Woven into this psychiatric history were threads of a clever person working the system, but everyone ignored that.

For example after being arrested for pushing heroin in 1999 he was remanded for 4 months while the case was being prepared. Then he gets bailed but nobody knows by whom, and then he jumps bail and flees Switzerland presumably back to Kosovo. 2 years later in 2002 he turns up in Sweden asking for Asylum. We don’t know the basis of his asylum claim. But over the next 6 years he goes back to Kosovo/Albania 4 times, sometimes for a 2 week holiday and once for 2 months. Hardly the action of someone fleeing his country for fear of his life. Here’s a guy who doesn’t seem to work in a conventional job but he gets around. He marries a Swedish woman in Nov 2003 long enough to father a child. In March 2004 he goes back to Switzerland and gets arrested to serve the balance of the sentence he got for pushing heroin. Then, within days of returning to Sweden they agree to divorce. This 15 month marriage (of which 12 months was spent in a Swiss jail) even with his dodgy asylum claim was sufficient for him to be granted a Swedish passport in 2010 and the ability to travel all of Europe no questions asked.

Here’s a guy who was in UK for less than 3 weeks, had a 5 year ongoing psychiatric condition generally accepted as paranoid schizophrenia and getting more and more violent, culminating with an assault [in Sweden on 12 June 2010] where he grabbed the arresting officer’s gun, [10 days after being released from a 5 week stay at the psychiatric clinic]. After 2 days in remand he was released and just 30 days after that he had received a formal job offer from the Oxfordshire Golf Club in UK obtained for him by a Swedish employment agency. 3 days after that he breezes into his clinic and his psychiatrist gives him 3 months of drugs and wishes him well in England. All this after an allegedly psychotic assault. So he wastes no time changing countries when the going becomes unpleasant for him. I have to ask myself if this man is acting alone. My gut feeling is that we haven’t scratched the surface of this guy’s history yet.

The assault [in Sweden] coming so soon after his discharge from a significant stay in the clinic should have sent alarm bells ringing at the Swedish Police as well as with his psychiatrist. Here was one seriously dangerous crazy man on the loose.

To repeat the words of MEP Catherine Bearder: “This is a dreadful crime but it’s very difficult to see how that could have been prevented. It’s always easier after the fact.”

As I answered previously: No, actually this was a no-brainer before the fact. We had criminal, psychiatric, and of course geopolitical clues. But the political class, here and in Europe, doesn’t give a damn. It’s only the masses who are endangered by the messes our officials create — not theirs or their loved ones, who are insulated.