Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt came up in some regional press last month. I’ve blogged briefly about him before, citing him as the prototypical Western meddler — Serb-reviling, Muslim-loving, and generally as wrong-headed as is required for a career in international affairs.

Bildt was mentioned because he was in Sarajevo April 5-6 to take part in a memorial ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the war the Muslims insisted on, and to reunite with the foreign correspondents who told us it was the Serbs whodunnit, as well as with presidential chairman Bakir Izetbegovic, son of the fundamentalist who started the war.

Despite his tireless efforts to be a chump for the Muslims, Bildt — like other insistently idiotic do-gooders/evil-spreaders — has run afoul of the Bosniaks. Here was last month’s documentation to that effect:

“Bildt should be declared “persona non grata” in Bosnia and Herzegovina”
(Google translation of a press release by Civic Education Center in Tuzla, B-H, Apr. 7)

Carl Bildt, Sweden’s compromised politician, should be declared “persona non grata” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, considers the NGO “Civic Education Center” (GEC) in Tuzla.

“Carl Bildt is a person who is not welcome in Bosnia and Herzegovina because of his extremely compromising behaviors, or justifying the crimes and aggression on our country.

“And his arrival in Sarajevo to mark the 20th anniversary of the aggression in the capital [is hypocritical] when we consider his judicial views on the war in Bosnia. Recall that at the trial in the case of Biljana Plavsic, a former first high representative in Bosnia, Bildt said, among other things, that Biljana Plavsic was never part of the inner circle of extreme nationalist Bosnian[-Serb] leadership and commended her role in helping the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

To address all the governments and parliamentarians in B-H, we will send the initiative and ask the institutions to declare Carl Bildt persona non grata in Bosnia, says the statement of Civic Education Center (GEC).

And so, after helping set the international bar at exclusively positive comments vis-a-vis Bosniaks and exclusively negative comments vis-a-vis Serbs, Bildt’s lapse from chumpdom into fairness has cost him some friends. Because what happens when you spoil children is that nothing is ever enough; they must always have it their way and you must be amenable to seeing things their way.

Nonetheless, Bildt continues his unflinching, dutiful promotion of the requisite anti-Orthodox bellicosity whose ultimate target is Russia, even adopting the regional language by slinging the word “Chetnik” at Vladimir Putin. From Wikileaks on Bildt: “He is also very critical of Russia. He called Putin a “chetnik” in the middle of a meeting with an MEP group. He is essentially a [persona] non grata in Moscow.”

Chetnik, or “guerrilla,” is used among some Balkans peoples as an insult, which is an irony given that the Chetniks whom the slingers have in mind are the Serbs under General Mihaiolovic who fought against the Nazis and Communists (the latter after being attacked by them), and who saved hundreds of downed U.S. pilots from the Germans. Naturally, the people hurling the term tend to be descended from those who fought on the side of the Nazis.

As Serbstvo, who informed me of this rather stunning outburst, asked, “Has ‘Chetnik’ become the new N word?”

Indeed, one is reminded of this 1992 cover of Living Marxism:

So now we know that Carl Bildt, Swedish foreign minister and all-around UN servant, is low rent.

At least to balance things out, we also have the following about Bildt, from the cable at the Wikileaks link above (though Bildt would never give any public hint of it the way he does his antipathy toward Serbs): “From his experiences in the Balkans he has decided that he does not like Croats and Albanians.”

And we know he’s not the only one. But these after-the-fact opinions remain hidden from view, so that policy can proceed based on these two groups as protagonists.

Bildt with Kosovo Chief Mobster Hashim Thaci