Diana West caught this tidbit in a San Diego radio report about the local YMCA, and highlighted it on the Political Mavens blog:

From KPBS in San Diego, a report whose narrator’s happy, girly voice makes the story all the more horrifying.

And if you think imposing sharia-compliance on the YMC(hristian)A is the end of it, think again.

“There are also cultural barriers that keep them from using the parks. The women can’t risk coming into contact with off-leash dogs. They follow strict hygiene guidelines in their faith, which considers dogs to be unclean, or not halal.

“They also didn’t grow up with dogs as pets.

“’In Africa, dogs are kind of wild, so you never see a good dog. So when any women of East Africa see dogs, we tend to be scared,’ Abdi said. ‘So those two issues are real—the religion and the cultural.’

(As I explained here: The less evolved a human, the more it looks down on lower creatures.)

“Abdi said the women want to work on making the parks safer next.”

(Does that include ’safe’ from dogs?)

Let’s hope Americans stand up for their dogs better than they stand up for themselves.

Well said, Diana. I tried to say it here in 2008:

I would put every person who complained about the dog on a terror watch list. After all, we know that it isn’t a “tiny minority” that’s getting the Three Little Pigs taken out of schools and libraries…

My fellow Westerners, as they’re doing with Jews, so they’re doing with dogs: Muslims are making us choose between them and dogs. So decide now. Who would you rather live with:


…[E]very few generations one set of monsters or another rears its head and tells the world to choose between it and the Jews. And every time the world chooses the monsters over the Jews for as long as it can. But even though the world is always willing to part with its Jews, I don’t think it will part with its dogs. What I’m basically envisioning is: “First, they came for the Jews, and I said nothing. Then, they came for my dog, and I said, ‘Hell no!’”

And so I’m hoping that when civilization finally does pick the dogs over the monsters, by extension that will save the Jews. So I place my faith and my fate in the reliable paws of the canine world.

We’ve of course seen the seeds for Muslim-imposed anti-dog legislation in the West — in the UK, which is always ahead of the curve when it comes to bowing to Muslims: Sniffer Dogs to Wear ‘Muslim’ Bootees