That is the question that Rock Cellar Magazine’s “Both Sides Now!” section tackles in the current issue. Since Obama is obviously a socialist and worse, I did the “pro” side. Meaning, yes he’s a socialist. My friend Ed Rampell, a regular contributor to the magazine, did the “con” side, since he’s a real socialist and doesn’t see Obama as the real thing. (I told him he needs to appreciate the concept of transition. Meaning, if Obama gets reelected, he’ll show Ed they really are on the same page.)

Anyway, there are some funny cartoons and of course some funny prose by yours truly. (And by my socialist friend Ed, I guess, if I’m being honest.)

Is Obama a Socialist or Not?


“For THIS I Left the Soviet Union?!” — by Julia Gorin


“If Obama is a socialist, he’s a lousy one.” – by Ed Rampell