This story will be one-sided and biased and completely subjective. Perhaps because the unbiased and the objective have left its participants…to fight for their bare lives. We will talk about places where neutrality is seen as infallibility, and nothing more is expected from neutrality than ruins and the blood from new pogroms. We wish that you memorize the faces of the people whose fate is again in the hands of the sober and the impartial — [the latter seeing] the faith of these people as a dangerous myth, and the unpleasant fact of their existence a mere mathematical mistake.

The above quote comes from the opening of a Russian documentary film dubbed in Serbian, with English subtitles. It was posted to youtube in 2008, but I only watched it now. The reader who told me about it, S.J., wrote:

It was made for Russia’s state television, but in spite of what one can hear about such stations, it’s anything but propaganda. They let victims and images do the talking. There’s also an interesting recording of a member of the British House of Lords handling weapons, and chatting with terrorists, who would under different circumstances be cutting his head off.