In late April, I was forwarded this short AP video news report called “West Point Cadet mission to NJ bridges Mideast culture gap”

Sensing it was another marker charting the progress of the pro-Islamic indoctrination of our military, no doubt complete with a warm and fuzzy spin on the universal mind-f*ck that started happening within months of 9/11, I tuned in:

Cadets from The United States Military Academy at West Point went on a mission this week, to New Jersey. The Cadets are part of a post-9/11 effort to build cultural understanding within the U.S. Military.

“Cadets from West Point…hit the ground in Jersey City to learn about Islamic culture and different religions,” narrates AP reporter Warren Levinson, with a shot of four female cadets in a mosque wearing Islamic headdresses and giggling. “The field trip was part of a class called Winning the Peace. The idea came after the attacks of September 11th 2001. The mission: to expose the cadets to as much diversity as possible before they encounter it in the theater of war.” (Where that ‘diversity’ can really kick them in the ass.)

“Over the three-day trip, the cadets spent the night at the Islamic Center, witnessed Islamic prayer, and went to several churches in the area,” continues the narration.

(Of course, they can just as easily witness Islamic prayer when it occupies New York’s Union Square during the Muslim festivals, and no one can say or do anything but avert their eyes from the future that’s on display.)

“This trip is really all about accepting diversity and being willing to learn about different groups of people,” begins West Point Cadet Megan Kelty (gee, we don’t usually have any of that going on in this country). “Seeing how everyone interacts with one another is very interesting to me and I’m particularly interested in some of the religious diversity too.”

No kidding. What an original. This one gets an A for absorption. She may even become a candidate for conversion, which the U.S. Military encourages, even building extra mosques as an extra hint.

It turns out this was the eighth time that Jersey City has hosted West Point cadets, indicating this may have started about 2004, which would be around the time that the post-9/11 boomerang effect started taking shape, in a phenomenon described last year by historian Srdja Trifkovic: ‘…a kind of psychological jiu-jitsu…capitalized on by such accredited victims as the gay rights movement and Islam, both of which turned what should have been great moral vulnerabilities — respectively, AIDS and 9/11 — into powerful ideological weapons, namely ‘homophobia’ and ‘Islamophobia.’”

“There were communities that questioned whether or not a program like this could succeed in a post-9/11 world,” Major Andrew A. Gallo tells the reporter. “The community here has proven that it definitely can.”

Note the stilted speech of all the military personnel who speak in the video, talking around the obvious. Something not being said, something unaddressed hangs in the air. This is of course very familiar to those of us who come from places where the same sort of “re-education” process was long-standing; you learn to speak this way to survive. It eventually develops into an art form, one described rather masterfully (if memory serves) by David Remnick in a chapter called “The Double Talkers” in his book Lenin’s Tomb.

The West-Point-Goes-to-the-Mosque video cleverly opened with priests performing for the cadets in a church, rather than with imams at a mosque, to catch you in an assumption as well as to buttress the officially intended impression that this was an ecumenical exercise, and not just about fostering love and understanding for Islamic culture. But the church part of the trip was mere window-dressing; after all, church-visiting probably wasn’t on the West Point curriculum prior to 9/11, so what do churches have to do with 9/11? It’s all about the Islam.

While the cadets may be looking at a live case of co-existence in New Jersey, I’m not sure what relevance it has to the places where they’ll be deployed, where they won’t see much co-existence, desire for co-existence, or even the bumper stickers that remind us to co-exist (which these other places could use a lot more). Indeed, the only real-world benefit of the church part of the field trip is getting to know Christianity as if from a museum: to experience something of the past, something on its way out, in this case the religion they’ll be helping the Muslims clear out, as the U.S. has made happen in Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Egypt, Syria and virtually every other place it’s touched.

The face of the new “American” soldier will probably have a headscarf or turban above it:

U.S. Army uniforms to include Muslim headscarves, turbans?
Islamic groups tied to international jihad continue to infiltrate American military
(Dec. 23, 2011)

So who, then, will be the new enemy?

Us, of course.

And if you’ve got a problem with this strange new “American Way,” then you just might be apprehended on suspicion you’re a terrorist, given that patriotism is the new terrorism:

Homeland Security on guard for ‘right-wing extremists’
Returning U.S. military veterans singled out as particular threats


Joe Biden likened tea partiers to terrorists;

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff orders military to purge all training material of truth about Islam: “[T]he result of this totalitarian thought control and war on the truth will be a U.S. military and intelligence apparatus that is ignorant, complacent, and wholly unequipped either to spot jihad threats or deal with them…”;

No mention of Islam in official Ft. Hood Report

In related developments from around the time of the West Point video:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s defense attorney, Cheryl Bormann, wore a hijab in the courtroom and asked prosecutors to have all women in the courtroom dress modestly out of respect for the five defendants. Former SNL comedian John Lovitz dissed the president over his tax views, and bimbo talk show host Dr. Drew Pinsky called it a threat. A Marine was discharged for an opinion.