After the recent shooting at the Seattle Jewish center, police stepped up security around area synagogues and mosques — explaining that whenever incidents like this occur, there is always a concern for reprisal attacks against Muslims. Similarly, after a UK sky terror plot was foiled last week, British police have increased their presence in Muslim areas to deter attacks.

How many times do I have to say it? Muslims don’t get attacked when Muslims kill or plot to kill. Jews do. FBI hate crimes statistics for 2004:

Anti-Jewish Incidents: 954
Victims: 1,076

Anti-Islamic Incidents: 156
Victims: 201

There are five times more anti-Jew hate crimes than anti-Muslim. Translation: The more people Muslims kill, the less popular Jews become.

In fact, looking at the numbers, and given how things are going, it wouldn’t be outrageous to surmise that the “intolerance” and “abuse” that Arab- and Muslim-Americans complain about include cases in which a Muslim gets hurt while attacking a Jew.

But back to the point. As I observed in the blog “Preemptive Fury,” whenever Muslims attack, they (and their host cities) call for protection of Muslims. In a few short years, we may find ourselves defending Muslims even more aggressively, perhaps even taking a page from the kind of vigilance that other parts of the world display:

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – “A group composed of Islamic extremists attacked Catholics praying the rosary on 11 October and threatened to burn down the house they were gathered in. The assailants, who claimed to be part of the Islamic Defender Front…forced the marian prayer to stop immediately, threatening to burn the place down. They forced all those present…to sign a declaration that they will not hold any more rosary gatherings in houses in the area…[T]he Defense of Islam (FPI) and the Alliance Against Apostasy (AGAP) have broken into churches in the middle of services, demanded the pastor stop preaching, ordered him and the congregation out of the church, and forced him to sign a statement that the building would no longer be used for church services. Many times they…[had] letters of authorization from the mayor and chief of police in their hands, and accompanied by government officials and police, who stood by doing nothing.”