‘Serbs are the source of all problems in Croatia…control media and money’
– Mayor of Split

Maybe there’s a reason that Jews and Serbs were supposed to stick together.

Croatian mayor “could be investigated” for hate speech (B92, Večernji list, Sept. 19)

ZAGREB — The police and the public prosecution in Croatia “are considering” launching procedures against Split Mayor and Croatian parliament member Željko Kerum.

Željko Kerum (file)

Kerum, who was previously quoted as saying that he “did not wish to have a Serb son-in-law”, and that “Serbs must know their place”, told the country’s state broadcaster HRT over the weekend that Serbs were “the source of all problems in Croatia”.

According to the Croatian official, this ethnic minority “controls the media and the money”.

(See “Thank god my wife is neither a Serb nor a Jew” — Croatian wartime president, backed by the world, Franjo Tudjman)

…Even Jadranka Kosor - who as the leader of the HDZ made it possible for Kerum to become an MP by including him in the party list - reacted to say that the statements “deserved every condemnation”, as they went contrary to the country’s Constitution, “and many laws”.

But not to Croatian nature. (She just said that the words deserve condemnation, not because of any moral issue, but because of how Croatia is on paper. Remember, it’s all about getting into the EU next year.)

Indeed, we know that the problem for Croatia here — and therefore the uproar — is Croatians feel exposed by this guy, who voices their own innards..

See here for previous mentions of Split, where a guy like this is naturally mayor.

Serbs and Jews, media controllers. The media Serbs keep getting the Serbs bombed, and the media Jews keep getting Israel demonized.

Note also how in countries where an ethnic minority is ‘responsible for all the problems’ — whether we’re talking about Croatia or the Middle East — that minority is almost non-existent.