Kosovo group claims hack of US weather service (AFP, Oct. 19)

WASHINGTON — The US National Weather Service computer network was hacked this week, with a group from Kosovo claiming credit and posting sensitive data, security experts said Friday.

Data released by the Kosovo Hackers Security group includes directory structures, sensitive files of the Web server and other data that could enable later access, according to Chrysostomos Daniel of the security firm Acunetix.

“The hacker group stated that the attack is a protest against the US policies that target Muslim countries,” Daniel said.

“Moreover, the attack was a payback for hacker attacks against nuclear plants in Muslim countries, according to a member of the hacking group who said, ‘They hack our nuclear plants using STUXNET and FLAME-like malwares, they are bombing us 27*7, we can’t sit silent — hack to payback them.”

Paul Roberts, writing on the Sophos Naked Security blog, said the leaked information includes a listing of administrative account names, which could open the hacked servers to subsequent “brute force attacks.”

“Little is known about the group claiming responsibility for the attack,” he said.

“However, they allege that the weather.gov hack was just one of many US government hacks the group had carried out and that more releases are pending.”

The weather service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Really? Little is known about the group? One wonders if that’s because we designated Kosovo terrorists as our allies and have been trying desperately to know as little as possible about them. And yet what an opportunity we’ve evaded affording us precisely to know and foresee a lot, given our position in Kosovo housing the LARGEST FOREIGN U.S MILITARY BASE SINCE VIETNAM.

Little is known? Well here’s something from freaking 2009, giving us a clue to get a move on knowing:

Kosovo Hackers Deface 15 Serbian Websites (Sept. 15, 2009)

A group of hackers from Kosovo defaced 15 Serbian websites on Tuesday night, including those of high profile firms, government departments and museums.

The hackers, known as Kosova Hackers Group, posted the same, Albanian double-headed eagle and message on each website. The targets included the Serbian Ministry of Defence.

Their message reads: “Hello Serbs, now wonder why you see it on this particular page?? We do it because we can and we will continue to do so.

“Now the fact is that we are p*ssed off at both you and EULEX [for] sign[ing] agreements which do not concern you.”

The group also hacked into the website of EULEX, the European rule of law mission in Kosovo, last month in protest against plans to sign a policing protocol with Serbia’s interior ministry.

Hackers break EU’s Kosovo mission Web site (Aug. 29, 2009)

Hackers posted messages on the European Union’s Kosovo mission official Web site claiming the bloc’s police mission wants to return Kosovo to Serb rule.

Friday’s attack on the Web site comes a day after a local court sentenced 20 ethnic Albanians to a month in prison for puncturing tires and smashing windows on some 24 vehicles of the EU mission, known as EULEX.

Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian leaders object to a EULEX deal with with Serbia’s police to exchange information, fearing it undermines Kosovo’s statehood.

The hackers posted a message saying: “You can not sell our country back to Serbia…As we said Welcome, we can say Goodbye, too.”

It wasn’t the first time EULEX and Serbs were targeted together. The year that the world again gave Albanians what they demanded, and as stewardship was about to pass to EULEX, we got this:

Unknown Kosovo Albanian group threatens Serbs and EU (DPA, Nov. 27, 2008)

An unknown Albanian group on Thursday claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on a European Union office in Kosovo earlier this month and warned of attacks against the Serb minority.

The obscure group, calling itself “Army of the Republic of Kosovo - ARK” sent its threatening e-mail to authorities, the media and international organizations in Kosovo.

It warned of “strikes with full force” because of a new United Nations plan for Kosovo…The UN and Belgrade have agreed that the EU’s mission, Eulex, would be “status-neutral” and remain under UN command in areas dominated by Serbs….

“Unless the UN plan is withdrawn … we will strike with our full force. There will be no security for Serbs who live in Kosovo,” the ARK e-mail said, promising to “chop off Kosovo Serb heads and send them to Serb politicians.”

The purported group also threatened to bomb Eulex if it remains neutral to the status of Kosovo and to “start a new conflict, not only in Kosovo.” […]

So many foreseeable and then knowable “unknowns” concerning Kosovo!

And certainly one notes the pattern of the Albanian side seeing the West — despite its doing everything to appease Albanians — as ‘working for Belgrade’ whenever there a slowdown in appeasement. The U.S. in particular never rests in delivering for the Albanian mafia, so the rhetorical question remains: Why are the anti-Serb, anti-EULEX hackers going after the U.S. Weather Service? Unless, of course, they see American and Serbian infidels as one and the same. In which case, when will we?


Tangentially, I’m only now cluing into a news item about an American jihadist who was planning to blow up the Federal Reserve. Robert Spencer writes:

While Green was superintendent, Jayyousi oversaw the Detroit school district’s capital improvement program. Later, Jayyousi was charged, according to the Detroit Free Press, with “conspiring to kidnap, maim and murder by providing money, recruits and equipment for Islamic struggles in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya from 1993 to 2001.”

What? Islamist struggles in Bosnia and Kosovo? We were told that’s what they weren’t! In fact, we were warned of supremacist Christian Serb terrorism, no?

Secondarily, Kosovo just keeps on coming up, doesn’t it?