People of conscience, meaning people who care about what the world did to the Serbs, are applauding a group of Czech activists who confronted the female war criminal Madeleine Albright at a book signing in Prague last week. As is widely known, Not-at-albright is prone to exploiting her nation of birth and inverting the lessons of Munich, not least so she could continue Hitler’s work in the 90s.

The protestors, Friends of Kosovo Serbs, returned from Kosovo a couple weeks ago, where they delivered humanitarian aid and raised awareness about the plight of non-Albanian minorities. Last Wednesday, the group’s understated approach was enough for Albright — who has probably caused her Czech-diplomat father to turn in his grave enough times to have died twice — to show her true colors, and Clinton-like temper. Within moments, the 75-year-old lost her cool and commanded, as demons and angry spirits will often do, “Get out!”

She then easily hissed the phrase “Disgusting Serbs” (as Esprit de Corps editor Scott Taylor pointed out in an email: imagine a public figure yelling, “Disgusting Jews,” or “Disgusting Koreans,” or “Disgusting Blacks,” or “Disgusting Muslims.”). Finally, she showed the lack of gravitas that should have kept her far from the corridors of power, when she responded to someone calling her a war criminal with “You’re a war criminal!”

Here she was adhering to the grown-up rule, “I’m the rubber and you’re the glue. Whatever you call me bounces off and sticks to you.”

So Czechs are war criminals for doing what she’s lauded Czechs for traditionally doing: standing up to tyranny.

I myself have often commended the Czechs, who were all too aware that the Kosovo giveaway was Munich Redux, and who were in an uproar when their government recognized stolen Kosovo. So I was excited to view the video, but it was ruined for me in the first moment. To my heartbreak, the lead agitator and vice chairman of the group, Vaclav Dvorak — who also directed the important documentary “Stolen Kosovo” — was wearing the popular Jew-killer scarf. The Palestinian Keffiyah. Made famous by the father of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat.

And so what sort of coherence did his message have? After all, he is approaching with a pro-Muslim symbol, a bigger pro-Muslim. A woman who did more for the Muslims/Palestinians than any previous secretary of state. In fact, after giving away the Serbian Jerusalem to the Muslims, she did her best to give away the other Jerusalem to the Muslims. The ridiculous rag around Dvorak’s neck diluted and confused his message. Nor is it coherent to be a “Friend of Serbs,” yet take the side of those who massacred the Serbs, destroyed their country, and robbed them of their national identity.

It was Muslims who hired the PR firms to get the whole world to attack the Serbs, and the mujahedeen from Kuwaitis to Palestinians who dismembered them. And Albright was a key player in it all.

How disappointing and flaky. The Curse of Defending Serbs strikes again: something always goes wrong, and we shoot ourselves in the foot.

For me, this is very sad and hurtful. We hear the NATO garbage about how the current military leg of the Serb-eradication is merely “ensuring freedom of movement.” Yet it seems the director of “Stolen Kosovo” supports freedom of movement for Palestinians to continue slaughtering my people.

For that reason, I won’t be seeking wider distribution to larger sites about this event. The bigger bloggers and editors who — against much criticism — have trusted me on the Balkans issue will only be left confused, and wary. Regardless, it seems the incident is gaining wider publicity without me, as it was written of in The Atlantic: “Madeleine Albright’s Scrap With Pro-Serbian Activists in a Prague Bookstore.”

One can only marvel at the likes of Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, who sees the Munich in “Kosova,” and in “Palestine.”