Following up to yesterday’s blog about Albright exploding at “Serbs” at a book signing in Prague, I wanted to add a few things about my reaction to the film director’s show of solidarity with the Palestinians, via the keffiyeh around his neck. Aside from making me feel excluded and therefore taking away my ability to root for him, he also made himself more dismissible than he might otherwise be. Visually, he has classified himself as a lefty who is against all wars as equally bad and opposes Western policy in general. While that is a legitimate and common viewpoint, it takes away from the singularity of the West’s greatest crime: its war on the Serbs who, unlike some other targets of our aggression did literally nothing to deserve it. And that’s only one aspect that makes that particular military intervention unique. So he distracted from the message and undermined his gravitas.

In case it seems like I’m overreacting, think of the menace that a Serb feels when someone flaunts the double-headed red and black eagle, or how it must feel in Kosovo to pass by any of the monuments to the Serbs’ killers. And so imagine being a pro-Israel Serb and seeing someone show up at an event to support Israel wearing that symbol, or the Croatian red and white checkered banner under which Serbs were slaughtered. It’s actually worse, since these two other examples are national symbols as well, whereas the keffiyeh — worn by Muslims of all nationalities — never had a physical country to represent, but an awful lot of killing. It’s a symbol of Arab solidarity, and if you think about it, that solidarity rests on one thing, given that they’re otherwise at each other’s throats: they’re unified by their hatred of Jews.

Forgive me for raining on the parade, but mine was rained on first, when I was left out.

Closing with a few updates:

I didn’t realize Albright threw a paper at the activists until I read this article by International Business Journal, which also got wind of the incident.

As for her calling the Czechs “disgusting Serbs,” I neglected to point out that, apparently, not only does supporting Serbs make you a Serb, but it also makes you a war criminal, which is what she called them after they called her such. The premise, of course, being that Serbs are war criminals by definition. As reader Jovan expressed it, “So, according to her, only Serbs can side with the Serbs. So if you’re Czech, German, Italian, American….etc, and you take sides with the Serbs that technically makes you….well, not just a Serb, but a DISGUSTING Serb at that!”

Call it her Serb Derangement Syndrome.