A site called Inquisitr.com picked up on the story last week about Thaci owning a harem.

Kosovo PM Thaci Owns A Harem With Female Slaves, Traffics Drugs and Organs, According To Reports (Nov. 20)

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is facing a wide range of criminal allegations, including owning a harem with 52 female sex slaves, drug trafficking and the sale of human organs. The Prime Minister has been accused of criminal activity in several major European news sources; among them are Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel, The Guardian, and MINA.

…The accusations against Thaci have been under investigation for several years [sic: his criminality has been documented, but not investigated], dating back to his days as the head of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The Washington Times accused Thaci of financing his militia through the sale of heroin and cocaine in Western Europe.

A leaked confidential report from the German BND security agency in 2008 made several serious allegations against the Prime Minister.

“The key players (including [Xhavit] Haliti, [Ramush] Haradinaj, and Thaçi) are intimately involved in inter-linkages between politics, business, and organised crime structures in Kosovo. The BND report also accuses Thaci of contacts to the Czech and Albanian mafias. In addition, it accuses him, together with Haliti, of ordering killings through the professional hit man ‘Afrimi’, who is allegedly responsible for at least 11 contract murders.”

The leader of Kosovo’s self-determination movement, Florin Krasniqi, believes that anyone who examines Thaci’s luxurious lifestyle will realize he couldn’t maintain it on the salary of a government minister.

“Thaci comes to Kosovo assembly sessions wearing Hermes ties that cost EUR 300 to 500. Only a criminal or a billionaire businessman can afford such ties. I think that Thaci belongs to the first category and the whole world knows that he is a [plain] criminal.”

[It’s good that Inquisitr quoted Krasniqi on Thaci’s criminality. Because it takes one to know one.]

Serbia also condemned Thaci and questioned if he is suitable to be Kosovo’s leader. Serbia’s foreign minister, Vuk Jeremic, called the reports “a signal for the civilized world community to stop turning their backs to the terrible situation in Kosovo; this report shows what Kosovo is and who is leading it.”

[Indeed. This is whom Serbs are expected to shake hands with and have meetings with in full seriousness. And are decried as “obstinate nationalists” when they protest. Wow, Washington really thought it could keep the lid on Thaci et al.]

These are serious allegations that have been unresolved for almost 5 years. It is certainly time for the UN Human Rights Commission to do something besides constantly condemning Israel for defending itself against terrorist rockets, and conduct an honest investigation of Prime Minister Thaci and his associates in Kosovo.

Thaci associates

Closing with the original item about the harem:

Kosovo Prime Minister owns Harem with 52 slaves (Macedonian Intl News Agency, Nov. 13)

A Ukrainian woman who managed to escape from what she called “World’s hell hole” gave an interview with details about Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hasim Thaci and his harem in which 52 slaves ‘worked’ day and night serving the prime minister as well as other politicians and businessmen.

According to her, the building has several VIP areas where Thaci and his friends have orgys [sic].

“Most of the people who arrive here are older, very few are younger. Many of them are foreign diplomats, including officers from EULEX and KFOR. The girls are not allowed to say “No”. One of the girls called Dolores from Colombia protested the conditions during our lunch time in the cafeteria. She was shot dead by Thaci’s bodyguards” says the Ukrainian witness, who went by her initials N.M.

N.M. stated she was ‘involved’ with Thaci only once when he came to the harem heavily intoxicated and drugged.

The Ukrainian gave an interview for multiple Balkan newspapers. She claimed it is virtually impossible to escape Thaci’s harem as there are always at least five armed bodyguards securing the area. Out of the five, there is always one from Chechnya. It was the man from Chechnya who eventually agreed to help her escape, after she bribed him with money as well as sexual favors.