I’ve only just found out about the new organization June 28. Below is a video and partial transcription about it. (For non-Serbs, June 28th is the date of the Vidovdan, or St. Vitus Day, which Albanian authorities in Kosovo this year respected by harassing, stripping and dragging Serb pilgrims coming to participate in the ceremonies.)

According to the Red Cross,nearly 250,000 Serbs were forced to flee Kosovo since the war in 1999. Despite a campaign of ethnic cleansing, intimidation, and pogroms, 110,000 still remain. However ethnic segregation has left them without a viable health network and access to basic healthcare. The Serbs of Kosovo have since been building clinics and hospitals with the assistance of humanitarian organizations. Of the Serbian minority left in Kosovo, the most vulnerable are the estimated 40,000 who live in isolated enclaves south of the Ibar River. In October of 2011 the organization June 28 set out to help their brothers and sisters in Kosovo in an effective and meaningful way. June 28 organized a nine-month-long global awareness campaign and donation drive, “Fight for Kosovo.” The humanitarian effort involved Serbian communities across 80 cities in 30 different countries.

Fundraisers are planned in 100 cities worldwide…Planned beneficiaries include children’s hospitals, medical centers and refugee shelters in isolated communities. A crumbling infrastructure and supply shortages have left state institutions helpless and in peril. Serbia has never been territorially, economically and politically weaker than it is today. June 28 is founded on the belief that we can no longer stand by with inaction as our homeland suffers injustice and continued brutality. Serbs more fortunate have an obligation to get involved and take part in an active movement to make a difference. We urge you to join us in this movement. Become a member, donate what you can, or please spread the word. We invite you to find out more at www.28jun.org, as well as on our twitter, facebook, and youtube platforms (@28junorg, /28jun, /28junorg)