She’s still actually proud of her parents. The poor brainwashed child won’t get it until the afterlife, when she’s in one place and her parents are in another, and she’s wondering why she can’t find them. (Unless, of course, she follows in their footsteps.)

Liz sent around this typically apolitical item about a tweet that Chelsea sent out in November:

Chelsea Clinton tweets unusual photo of Hillary and Bill
(Nov. 1)

Chelsea Clinton early on Thursday tweeted a rare photograph of her mother US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Kosovo waving in front of Bill Clinton’s statue in Kosovo.

This undated picture where the statue of Bill Clinton, towering over Hillary, is also waving, is quite an unusual sight…Here is the tweet by Chelsea Clinton:

Chelsea Clinton

Amazing picture of both my parents in Kosovo, albeit only one in person:). Thank you @Tetovari for initially sharing!

Yes. Amayyyyyyyyyyyzing! Because in America, the breadth of a 30-something First Daughter’s vocabulary is that of 16-year-old contestants on “American Idol” or “X-Factor,” who use “amazing” to describe anything and everything.

And yes, THANK YOU, Mr. Albanian for generously sharing!! : ) See how easy that was — from your fingertips to an American First Daughter’s twitter page! Just like the Albanian tall tales that became American “journalism” in the 90s. Direct from Albanian keyboards and cameras to U.S. newspapers!

Oh, and here was the standard-Albanian first comment under the item. We could have recited it in our sleep ahead of time:

Costandine 2 months ago:
Thank you based America for supporting Kosovo gain independence from serbian butchers.

Said the butchers about the butchered.

(Did he mean “debased America”?)