Regarding my recent blog about Chelsea Clinton’s tweet of the photo of Hillary in Kosovo waving from the foot of a bronze statue of her husband waving, Serbianna’s Mickey Bozinovich points out the following:

The person who sent it to Chelsea has a handle on Twitter as Tetovari, which is a reference among Albanians for those who come from Tetovo in Macedonia. This Tetovari is not the point, though…

Tetovari retweets stuff from Vedat Xhymshiti, “a 26 [year-old] documentary photographer from Kosovo, [who] entered the field of photography at the age of 11. I am an independent photojournalist covering conflicts.”

The dude is an embed with Syrian “rebels” but also the official photographer of the dignitaries that visit Pristina, like Hillary and others.

Talk about KLA training of Syrians. I wonder who got him the embed job there.