On joint visits to Belgrade and Pristina [Oct. 31], US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton insisted Kosovo’s independence was non-negotiable, but that Serbia did not have to recognise the sovereignty of its former province to seek better relations. “The borderlines of Europe will not change. But there is still a great deal that can be accomplished by Serbia and Kosovo working together,” Ms. Clinton added.

“The borderlines of Europe will not change.” Except:

Catalonia (Spain)
Basque (Spain)
Flanders and Wallonia (Belgium)
Scotland (UK)
Sandzak (Serbia)
Presevo Valley (Serbia)
Vojvodina (Serbia)
Western Macedonia (Macedonia)

And I’m sure I’m missing plenty of other examples. But if these two yentas could only imagine that if Washington/Brussels were to budge on the one border they’re talking about — the catalyst for all these others — we could save ourselves a lot of trouble with all these other European borders.

Then again, given that the EU is totalitarianism lite, not to mention a sinking ship, perhaps the more splinter countries we can create in Europe — which won’t necessarily want to be part of the Euro-Atlantic fold and may dissent and decline EU membership — the better.

In other words, a backfire against D.C., Bonn, and Brussels, in which the fully evil Kosovo precedent may end up inadvertently saving us from the EU and the overall one-world consolidationism that those power centers are pushing.

Having been accomplished, as always, at Serb expense, this means that once again Serbian blood will have saved the world.

This has been just a weird afterthought to my blog earlier this month about Hillary’s Halloween tour through the Balkans.