By now you may have heard that several businesses in England have banned the British flag for fear of violent Muslim reactions, after an extremist group leveled warnings that the flag’s red cross reminds Muslims of the Crusades. That’s like me saying, “I can’t use the microwave; ovens remind me of the Holocaust.”

Except that would be less distant and farfetched.

So if Muslims decide tomorrow that the stars on the American flag remind them of Israel, will corporations tell employees and customers to not wave it? What Brits should do instead is say that the shmatas around Muslims’ heads remind them of bombings and so they shouldn’t be worn so defiantly. That’s much less of a stretch.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore County Muslim Council is demanding that public schools remove Jewish holidays from the school calendar unless they’re ready to give days off for Muslim holy days as well. (I was waiting for this!) As I’ve said before, soon enough, Holocaust education at schools will have to start taking into account Muslim sensitivities. After all, Hitler may seem like a villain to little Shlomo, but little Qudsia may see things differently.