Not one to be out-Reiched in the Balkans, America’s own “experts” — such as Daniel Serwer — come up with even worse news for Serbia than Germany. From Jan. 26 UNMIK Headlines:

Serwer: Serbia needs to exchange ambassadors with Kosovo (dailies)

U.S. expert on the Balkans, Daniel Serwer, said Serbia will not get membership in the European Union for another decade. He said normalizing relations with Pristina would bring Serbia the date for the start of membership negotiations but that in order to go beyond this stage Serbia would have to establish diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors with Kosovo.

In an interview for Belgrade-based Vecernje Novosti, Serwer said EU member states, which have recognized Kosovo’s independence, insist on diplomatic relations between Pristina and Belgrade. “There will be many conditions in the coming months and years. Kosovo will be a problem in more than 35 chapters of talks, unless a full solution is not reached at the start of the process,” he added.

And with that, he cleverly leaves things open-ended for any number of new conditions to be added to the ever-expanding laundry list for Serbia. By the time it’s Serbia’s year for accession, Europe will have fragmented ten times over thanks to the Kosovo precedent, with the EU being left out in the cold by the splinter countries that have no interest in being part of it, and Serbia will have many more appealing options.

But to summarize, as Liz — who circulated this — put it: “Serbia, keep jumping through those hoops and one day in the very distant future you just might reach the Promised Land of EU membership…Heed those ‘experts’, or they just might bomb you again.”

Silly Serwer, doesn’t he know that no matter how hard he tries to screw the Serbs, he’s a Greater-Serbia propagandist?