UNMIK Headlines 26 January

Jakup Krasniqi says he won’t attend PDK convention (dailies)

Jakup Krasniqi, secretary general of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), has indicated that his time in this party has come to an end. Through a public letter, Krasniqi accused PDK leader Hashim Thaci of turning into a dictator.

Thaci??? A dictator?? Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Say it ain’t so! Tell on him to Washington. I’m just SURE it had no idea.

Krasniqi has decided not to attend the PDK convention which will be held on Saturday. Consequently, Krasniqi will remain outside the leadership of the PDK. Krasniqi accused Thaci of turning the PDK into his private property. He also said Thaci is using elections in the PDK to satisfy his own ambitions. PDK officials refused to comment on Krasniqi’s public letter.

Krasniqi, who is Speaker of Parliament, said he would reveal his political future in the next couple of days and did not rule out the possibility of forming a new political party.

Dailies recall that Krasniqi and PDK principal deputy leader Fatmir Limaj were positioned against the initiatives of the Thaci government. Limaj was the reason why Krasniqi decided to boycott the PDK convention after he called for the convention to be postponed until Limaj, who is charged for war crimes and corruption, is released. Krasniqi’s request was rejected by party leader Thaci.

There was a recurring Carol Burnett sketch in the 70s, a soap opera parody called “As the Stomach Turns.” Today there should be one called “As the Albanians Turn, on Each Other.” Krasniqi is upset with Thaci for being in business for himself, and is taking a stand against him — in alliance with Limaj, a man who perhaps is going to an even lower level of Dante’s Inferno than Thaci, for his very hands-on, very sadistic manner of Serb-killing. Which is of course a non-issue between Albanians. It’s just amusing that Thaci doesn’t have Limaj’s back as he stands trial for the very kinds of crimes that Thaci got away with, but is using the man’s absence to political advantage. At least Krasniqi has, uh…principles. He’s standing by his fellow Serb-killer’s side.

This is pretty rich. Just when you thought Kosovo’s thugocrats couldn’t get any richer…