Another case of wrong asylum:

‘Asylum liar’s cop intel job’ (The Sun, Jan. 9)

Elidon Habilaj … file error

A BOGUS asylum seeker conned his way into a top police intelligence job — then dozily revealed his true identity to bosses.

Albanian Elidon Habilaj told a pack of lies to get a British passport and a job with the Serious Organised Crime Agency, a court heard yesterday.

But he was unmasked after being spotted checking his TRUE details on a computer at work.

Prosecutor Christian Moll said: “IWF is a database used by SOCA to track the actions and movements of people who are of interest to the Agency.”

Habilaj’s immediate boss spotted what was on the computer screen, he said.

Mr Moll told London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court: “He could clearly see the defendant was mentioned on the IWF, and this was confirmed when Mr Habilaj double-clicked on the screen and a photo of himself came up.”

Checks were made and 35-year-old Habilaj’s sham story exposed. He had claimed to be Farid Ademi, a refugee from war-torn Kosovo, when he arrived in Britain on “the back of a lorry” in September 1998.

He claimed his brother had been tortured to death and his father was killed in the fighting.

Habilaj was granted asylum and later got British citizenship and a passport — which he used to get a job at SOCA, as an intelligence officer at its headquarters in Vauxhall, South London.

After being rumbled last January, Habilaj was charged with entering the UK by deception, which he denied. But he jumped bail and FLED the country the next month — and is being tried in his absence.

On the back of a lorry. Gee, nothing familiar about that at all.

Let’s also take this moment to recall 2008, when an Albanian woman working for 9-1-1 in Rochester, NY was fired for looking up which of her friends and relatives were on what kind of watch list. She blamed anti-Muslim discrimination for her dismissal.