I could be talking about Serbia’s Presevo Valley. I could be talking about Serbia-Montenegro’s Sandzak/Sanjak. But at the moment I’m talking about non-Muslim troublemakers in Serbia: the Austro-Hungarian benefactors/provocateurs behind the Muslims against Serbia. For a long time now, Hungarians in Serbia have been threatening to follow in the footsteps of Fatherland’s Muslim Bosnian and Albanian clients. See if this doesn’t sound familiar:

Tensions Rise over Status of Serbian Province (Jan. 29, 2013)

Photo by Beta

A poster war on the theme of the status of the Serbian province of Vojvodina has been launched in the city of Novi Sad.

The Vojvodina Party, which backs the province’s independence, put up blue-green posters, reading “Republic of Vojvodina - for a Free Vojvodina”, across Novi Sad on Monday.

The posters were put up over those reading “Novi Sad - capital of Serbia”, previously put up by the Treca Srbija party, which wants to see Vojvodina’s autonomy abolished.

Tensions over the future of the province, which was part of Austria-Hungary before World War 1 and is more multi-ethnic than Serbia proper, rose in July, after a Constitutional Court ruling curbed Vojvodina’s powers.

The Constitutional Court disputed around 20 provisions of the law of the jurisdictions of Vojvodina, including those naming Novi Sad as capital of the province, and entitling Vojvodina to open its own representative office in Brussels…The provincial assembly previously proclaimed its own statute on December 14, 2009.

Earlier in January, the conservative Serbian Progressive Party, which overthrew the more centrist Democratic Party in Novi Sad three months after the May 2011 elections, started introducing names of streets and institutions in Serbian Cyrillic letters alone.

Both the Cyrillic and Latin scripts are officially recognized in Serbia, but the use of Latin letters is especially important in Vojvodina for its 300,000 or so ethnic Hungariansas well as for other, smaller minorities.

On Monday, the Vojvodina Party said it would never allow the abolition of the autonomy of the province, which effectively occurred in the late 1980s under the regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

[That’s how the Kosovo war started!]

“We will fight for our rights and identity with all possible democratic means, because it is the duty of our generation,” the party said.

[Sound familiar?]

The statement also called for the adoption of a new constitution, which would define Vojvodina as a republic within a federal Serbia.

[Sound familiar?]

Meanwhile, Cedomir Antic, historian and leader of the Serbian Progressive club, urged parliamentarians to form a group to abolish the autonomous province of Vojvodina altogether.

As should have been done with Kosovo.

So what to do? “More bombing by USA-NATO, on behalf of the ‘minorities’, so they can become majorities?” asks Liz, who circulated the above item.

Below are excerpts from the original two items about the constitutional court’s ruling:

Court Ruling on Vojvodina Divides Serbia (July 17, 2012)

…Novi Sad is no longer “capital” of Serbia’s autonomous northern Vojvodina province and Vojvodina must also now close its representative office in Brussels.

…Serbia’s Constitutional Court recently declared certain provisions of the law on the jurisdictions of Vojvodina unconstitutional….The provincial assembly had previously proclaimed its own statute on December 14, 2009.

The province opened an office in Brussels in October 2011 as a part of Serbia’s broader EU mission, with the aim of enticing foreign investment and obtaining better access to European regional funds.

The Court ruling has deepened the political divide in Serbia, as well as in Vojvodina, between liberals who champion provincial autonomy and nationalists who see it as a threat to Serbian unity.

[Do you have to be nationalist to know that if you give them an inch, they’ll eventually take the whole thing?]

On Monday, Istvan Pastor, leader of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, SVM, told Ivica Dacic, the country’s Prime Minister-designate, that his party will not now become part of the future government.

Bojan Pajtic, prime minister of the province…[said,] “This is a unique example in Europe of a constitutional court reducing the scope of the acquired rights of national minorities,” he said.

[I guess he forgot Kosovo. Because sometimes national minorities be actin’ up and need a smackdown.]

Nenad Canak, leader of the Social Democrats of Vojvodina, LSV, said that the province will now have to defend its interests more intensively. [There’s that Muslim-slash-Albanian word: they have to “defend” themselves.]

“We now have to defend ourselves, as there is nobody else who can protect our rights here”, Canak told the Novi Sad-based daily newspaper, Dnevnik.

On the other side, Slobodan Samardzic, of the nationalist Democratic Party of Serbia, said the issue of provincial autonomy is an internal issue, just as it would be in any other country.

“Every EU country has its own internal organisation and the EU has never intervened when it comes to how a country organizes its territorial authorities,” Samardzic said. […]

Unless that country is Serbia.

About Canak, reader “S.J.” emailed me in October 2011 about him:

…Just a day ago Nenad Canak — SERBIAN (but don’t be fooled; he’s yet another from among what we Serbs refer to as the “yellow” faction — a group of traitors, and former “faithful” communists (again, in reality, not faithful AT ALL, but mere profiteers and soulless opportunists willing to betray all)) politician from Vojvodina, referred to Serb patriots…as “fascists” (need I remind you that we are the only people in our regions that DID NOT succumb to that PLAGUE, and who opposed Hitler and his minions, so this is PARTICULARLY insulting), and has been for months grabbing onto every possible controversy he could think of, in order to attract attention. He called for both abandoning Kosovo and Metohija, AND for a formation of a “Vojvodina nation” (not because there is ANY [national] support for that, but purely in order to put his name in the headlines). It seems that Serbia has become a country in which Serbs can no longer expect the protection of their government, and can look forward to being insulted by everyone and ANYONE…

Court Ruling on Vojvodina Divides Serbs (July 12, 2012)

…Istvan Pastor, President of the Assembly of the province, said the court’s interpretation of Vojvodina’s powers was more restrictive than expected and could be construed as “contrary to Vojvodina’s autonomy.

“It is unacceptable for Vojvodina not to be allowed to have an office in Brussels when some cities in Serbia are; that it is forbidden to work on adopting measures to increase the birthrate while Jagodina (in central Serbia) is not…” Pastor said on Wednesday.

[Those cities don’t have an irredentist bent, do they? As for promoting the birthrate among national minorities, it’s notable that the national minority in Kosovo, for example, did just fine on its own, turning that province from 40% Albanian to 96% Albanian — and thereby creating a “justification” that the province then had to be theirs.]

The League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina has urged the provincial government to seek protection for the rights of Vojvodina from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, since, the party said, the ruling violates the people’s collective rights.

[Here comes the internationalizing of the problem, that is, the collection of foreign entities to gang up against Serbia.]

The Liberal Democratic Party also condemned the court ruling, saying it highlighted Serbia’s need for constitutional reform.

[Yes, let’s just undo the constitution when Serbia asserts it.]

…But nationalists are delighted with the ruling, seeing it as a blow to provincial separatism.

Vojislav Kostunica, leader of the nationalist Democratic Party of Serbia, who in 2009 asked the court to assess the constitutionality of the Vojvodina statute, welcomed the decision.

“This is a historic decision, which stops the creation of a state-within-a-state, and the further partitioning of Serbia,” Kostunica said on Wednesday.

The Vojvodina controversy actually started heating up early last year. See if you can’t tell why some “nationalists” (i.e. rationalists) might be concerned about Vojvodina:

Hungarian party “not advocating Vojvodina as republic” (Beta, Tanjug, March 27, 2012)

NOVI SAD — The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) leader stated on Monday that the party does not advocate the idea of Vojvodina as “a republic”, but a wide autonomy.

[That’s how Kosovo started.]

That implies economic stability of the province, as well as legislative, executive and judicial authority, Ištvan Pastor said.

Pastor’s statement came in the wake of an initiative from a group of minor parties and NGOs to form “a Federal Republic of Serbia”, which would be made up of Serbia, and its northern province.

Vojvodina provincial government head Bojan Pajtić, of the ruling DS, rejected on Monday the idea.

“The closer the elections, the more astonishing initiatives will be heard,” Pajtić noted.

He said that, during the constitution-making process in 2006, “all that was realistic was achieved”.

Minor Vojvodina-based parties and non-governmental organizations seeking revision of the northern province’s constitutional position on Monday announced that they believed a “Federal Republic of Serbia” should be formed.

They said it should be comprised of “the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Vojvodina”.

These groups also announced the 4th Vojvodina Convention.

DSS: Vojvodina convention was comical (Tanjug, April 2, 2012)

BELGRADE - Member of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) presidency Sinisa Kovacevic described on Monday the Vojvodina convention, held in Novi Sad on April 1, which promoted the idea of Vojvodina as a republic, as a comical gathering organized to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

“A comical event was held on April Fools’ Day, promoting the idea that Vojvodina should be a part of a future country called the federal republic of Serbia,” Kovacevic told a news conference.

Kovacevic…remarked that the next Vojvodina convention would probably promote the idea of Serbia getting an autonomy within Vojvodina.

: )

A declaration adopted at the meeting on April 1 seeks “a new historic agreement between Serbia and Vojvodina” and the creation of a federal republic of Serbia comprising two republics as equal federal units, Serbia and Vojvodina. […]

Idea of Vojvodina as Republic is But Poor Marketing (Tanjug, April 2, 2012)

NOVI SAD – The idea of Vojvodina as a republic…is but a marketing move of certain individuals, deputy whip of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Sasa Santovac stated Monday at the Vojvodina Assembly.

Santovac assessed that the idea of Vojvodina as a separate unit in a federal republic of Serbia lacks adequate support.

He said that SRS had been pointing to the possibility that the adopted Statute of Vojvodina, “which is more like a semi-constitution of a semi-state or semi-republic,” might give way to proposals such as this one.

Here was the increased autonomy going down in 2009:

Serbia gives wider autonomy to northern province: report (AFP, Nov. 30, 2009)

Serbia on Monday approved wider autonomy for its northern Vojvodina province, despite nationalists’ claims that it could lead to a pro-independence movement like in Kosovo, Beta news agency reported.

Vojvodina with two million people borders Hungary and has more than 25 ethnic minorities and a Serb majority.

Ethnic Hungarians make up around 14 percent of the population.

[California with 37 million people borders Mexico. Ethnic Latinos make up around 36.6% of the population. Autonomy for California! ]

Supporters of the decentralisation plan have said it will give the province decision-making power that will help improve its economic prospects.

But opponents insisted the new regulations were separatist in nature and anti-constitutional, allowing Vojvodina to become a state within a state.

The ruling pro-European coalition led by President Boris Tadic’s Democratic Party rejected the claims of nationalists and ultra-nationalists that the statute would pave the way for the province to separate from Serbia as Kosovo has done. […]

As collaborators like Tadic are proven wrong again and again, let’s go back for a moment to an early, foreshadowing headline from 2009, under which we see the EU consulting with Serbia’s irredentist populations for their “views” on Serbia, and (rather carelessly) confirming that capturing Karadzic and Mladic was only the beginning of the conditions for Serbia’s accession, not the end. Already Vojvodina was part of it:

EU considers Vojvodina Statute Is Serbia’s internal affair (Beta, Jan. 30, 2009)

Pastor told BETA that the European officials had “practically confirmed” his stance that Serbia’s association with the EU could not happen without the consolidation of relations within Serbia, which includes decentralization and the return of assets to Vojvodina and local governments.

“Serbia’s association with and entry into the EU means the consolidation of internal relations in an ethnic and regional sense,” explained Pastor, emphasizing that the EU is a type of association of regions.

During the talks, [EU Commissioner Olli] Rehn wanted to hear how the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians viewed internal-political development in Serbia, how the inefficiency of the Serbian parliament in adopting European laws could be improved, as well as their take on the issue of the Vojvodina Statute and the Law on jurisdiction.

Conveying the stances of his EU interlocutors, Pastor said that in Brussels “it is a well-known open issue.”

Pastor added that he had presented Rehn with the idea that Vojvodina’s wish to open a representative office in Brussels, which many regions of European countries have, “might be construed as Vojvodina’s ambition to create some elements of statehood,” to which Rehn responded that he did not see it that way.

There are other indicators that severing Vojvodina from Serbia was always in the works. Below is the relevant part of a 1999 letter to members of the German parliament, apparently by a government insider who was warning not only that “Schroeder, Scharping and Fischer were “lying to the public with nearly every fact” they were presenting about the then-current Kosovo war, but that Vojvodina was part of a covert CIA plan for the overall dismemberment of Serbia. The letter was circulated among members of the opposition party PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism), with PDS spokesman Jürgen Reents passing it on, as I understand it, to U.S. Serbs for dissemination (which was of course a limited route as they were allowed virtually no voice in this country):


This text I am giving to a Catholic priest, who is a member of the Order for Peace [Ordensleute für den Frieden] here in Germany. I am doing so while maintaining confessional confidentiality, and divulging no information as to my identity. He will transmit this text on my behalf to those who need to know the truth.

I hold a high-security post in the government apparatus in Bonn and for reasons of conscience can no longer remain silent. The facts that I am about to divulge are, for the better informed, examinable and verifiable.

Both the entire NATO propaganda staff as well as the Infernal Trio, Schroeder, Scharping and Fischer, here in Germany are unabashedly lying to the public with nearly every “fact” they present about the Balkans War, while a willing media pack is keenly spreading these lies, unverified, as gospel truth.

About the current situation:

The Federal Government knows the true reasons why the people are fleeing and is cynically playing with the calculated misery of the refugees in the border regions of Kosovo, in order to maintain an image comparable to WW II deportations and “ethnic cleansing”.

Neither the military intelligence arm of the Bundeswehr nor that of the NATO have at their disposal photographic evidence, intelligence knowledge, indications and proof leading to the conclusion that there is systematic expulsion or deportation of refugees by the Yugoslav special forces, army or police. According to internal acknowledgement of the defense ministry the reasons for flight are more or less equally distributed:

(1) Excess on the part of Yugoslav soldiers and police force, often triggered in part by KLA attacks carried out under cover of Kosovo-Albanian civilians. Information is on hand that Yugoslav soldiers caught looting are summarily court-martialed;

(2) The results of the NATO bombing, such as the lack of potable water in nearly all cities of Kosovo and general devastation;

(3)Understandable fear of getting caught in the crossfire between the KLA, the Yugoslav military, and NATO attacks;

(4) Constant spreading of panic and horror stories in the broadcasts of dozens of small KLA, NATO or Albanian shortwave radio stations located in the mountains, alongside the propaganda broadcasts of the KLA over Radio Tirana;

(5) Pillaging bands of the Albanian mafia, who…extort money, search abandoned houses for anything of value and then burn the houses down to create political effect;

(6) KLA irregular troops, who have declared a “general mobilization” and are forcing every available man into their military service. Those objecting are submitted to grave physical abuse and released only upon paying a ransom, and having sworn under threat of vendetta, not to tell the truth but to tell family and the media that they had been mishandled by Serbs.

(7) The announcement by the KLA that NATO will inevitably have to carry out a ground attack and that this attack is imminent.

Some sectors of NATO welcome the mass exodus of refugees. The military in Germany favorably greeted the Pentagon’s April 5, [1999] commentary to the effect that when all had fled, Kosovo could be carpet bombed with no restraint.

The German government knows that there are no concentration camps….This, as well as the news that people are not being detained in a stadium in Pristina, was reported by representatives of the catholic church in Pristina in a direct telephone conversation with employees of the German government. Still Scharping is spreading these lies.

The German government is also aware that on the borders American and European private media are offering up to US $200,000 for video footage of massacres - real or posed.

NATO and the German army are logistically supporting the KLA. Food, uniforms and instructors are furnished mainly by the Bundeswehr as well as the USA. All KLA commanders are in constant radio contact with NATO.

NATO ground forces are already operating doing reconnaissance inside Kosovo. They are German and US units whose task is to detect and give the coordinates of ground targets. Furthermore, NATO officers are functioning as liaison commandos for the KLA. The contacts that were necessary for this mission were established by US and German officers, in violation of their mission as OSCE observers, preceding NATO-attacks. Here the German parliament is being as much taken for a fool as the general public.

Code name “Roots” - a covert action by the CIA prepared the war - the objective is the destruction of Yugoslavia though loss of Kosovo, Montenegro and the Vojvodina.

Under the “Roots” operations, the USA has since the beginning of the first term of Clinton’s Administration, been working - in close collaboration with Germany - on this covert action of the CIA and the DIA, and supported by the German secret service. The objective of “Roots” is the military and ethnic destabilization of Yugoslavia….[and] the dissociation of Kosovo as the principal source of raw materials for Yugoslavia through a comprehensive autonomy, by Albanian annexation or total independence; the secession of Montenegro, [the] only remaining access to the Adriatic and the dislocation of Vojvodina, the “bread basket” and another source of raw materials for Yugoslavia, leading to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable, industrial state.

Behind this action is Germany’s and the USA’s fear that Yugoslavia will ally itself with Russia and other former Soviet states once Yeltsin is replaced by communist and nationalist forces in the near future. [ … ]

And of course by abusing Serbia, we’ve given her nowhere to turn but Russia when, until 1999, it had been facing West. (Contrast this treatment with the West’s reasoning vis-a-vis Muslims: ‘Let’s help the Muslims in their causes so they don’t turn to the radicals.’ (Which of course has only compounded the unwanted effects.) Meanwhile: ‘Let’s bomb Yugoslavia/Serbia so it doesn’t turn to Russia.” What accounts for the opposing approaches toward similar goals?)

Fast forward a decade, to a 2009 posting on the Free Nations site, outlining the grand Vojvodina scheme of the U.S.-approved, Reich-ruled EU:


Ten years after the NATO illegal attack on the sovereign state of Yugoslavia (Germany having spent nearly 20 years stirring insurrection among Croats, Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs) Berlin is still applying pressure for more secession from Belgrade. While the Germans believe Kosovo is now a sovereign State (despite the chaos, criminality and a minority of World States recognising it) and finally out of Serb influence, “Folk Group” or ethnic activists are driving the Vojvodina (on the Serb border with Hungary) to demands for far-reaching “special rights”.

They are predictably being supported by the FUEV (Federal Union of European Ethnic Groups about which we have reported several times on Freenations) an orgnisation founded by Nazis and today funded by the German State.

The weakening of Belgrade which these separatists seek is a long running cause of the German political class in its expansion in South East Europe. Imperial German geopolitical thinking of the early 20th century saw Serbia as the bolt which locked the door to German access to the Black Sea and the Middle East. The re-creation of Yugoslavia at the end of both world wars which was approved by the victorious Allies to block German expansion is now called a “forced birth” in the German press - precisely recalling the attitudes of the opponents of the Treaty of Versailles between the Wars.

The long-standing conflict over the Serb province of Vojvodina is intensifying with a proposed “Autonomy Law” which would give further special rights well beyond the existing autonomy regulations and which have hitherto been rejected by the Serb Government in Belgrade because they would naturally tend towards break-up. Needless to say the European Commission (a consist[e]nt enemy of Serbia and a friend to the strongly fascist elements in Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia) is exerting pressure to pass the Law.

The Hungarian minority (about one-seventh of the population) having for a long time demanded secession and incorporation into Hungary, now wants ethnically defined special rights. They are organised under the banner of “The association of Vojvodina Hungary” which together with a second minority group the “Democratic League of Croats in Vojvodina” are part of the German-based FUEV which has in recent years organised conferences and negotiations with the regional political establishment in the town of Subotica.

Starting with the illegal recognition of Croatia (which immediately described itself as an ethnically pure State in which Serbs were not welcome) and Slovenia and having reached with their recognition of Kosovo a new high point in their destruction of Yugoslavia, Germany is now plotting to aid the Hungarian and Croat minorities in Vojvodina.

About a year ago, Nebojsa Malic also warned of a brewing Vojvodina:

Brussels has clearly spelled out that recognizing the “independent” Kosovo is a prerequisite for further talks — about negotiating the possibilities of [the] probability of maybe considering whatever may be left of Serbia (when everyone is done with it) joining someday.

Then there is a cabal of separatists in the northern province of Vojvodina, seeking to establish a private satrapy with Empire’s backing – the way Milo Djukanovic did with Montenegro. It doesn’t matter that the vast majority of inhabitants in the province are ethnic Serbs; a campaign is already underway to convert them to “Vojvodinians”, exactly the same way as the inhabitants of Montenegro were stripped of their historic Serbian identity. Leaflets that appeared in the northern city of Novi Sad this week, picturing Serbia kicking to the curb a slovenly, vodka-swilling Russian, have all the hallmarks of this group.

As for Germany Junior — Hungary — recall an email I excerpted from a senior analyst at Hicks & Associates, from 2011:

I was actually going to mention the ugly things going on in Hungary. Even though Hungary sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its citizens to German racist policies, because they were Jews, the Hungarian government claims to be very concerned about ethnic Hungarian populations in Austria, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. They have gone so far as to issue them Hungarian passports and documents.

Hungary is going to attempt to use these ethnic pretenses to reverse their territorial losses. With the Hungarian Prime Minister having successfully defended the press restrictions and other nationalistic, almost neo-fascist policies of his government, my guess is that Hungary is going to be making territorial claims at least against Serbia and Slovakia, and they are going to do it with the support of the German right-wing press — along with a lot of conservatives within the German government and military. In that case, Serbia will be facing a prospect of losing about another third — and a very valuable third at that [Vojvodina]. Serbia was granted certain territories after World War One, as reparations from the Central Powers. We have to make sure that this does not get reversed through more German, Hungarian and US propaganda. The Germans are strongly behind the Hungarian and Ukrainian demands for territorial restitution because they still have a gleam in their eye for Sudetenland, Pomerania and even East Prussia. The East Germans have slowly been building power in Germany and they want it all back. Even the aristocratic von und zu German Minister of Defence talks longingly about the extensive lands which his family once owned in Bohemia, Poland and German East Africa…

In another 2011 email, reader/source/blogger “Serbstvo” informed me of the following about an online Penn State University admissions form: “In the field ‘Country of Current Residence’ you can select Vojvodina. Another conspicuous ‘error’?” He provided the link https://www.admissions.psu.edu/MyPennState/index.cfm/profile/createProfileAndFPS, but one needs to register to see that part of the form, so I found a similar link, but it seems the “error” was corrected. (At least “Kosovo” isn’t on there yet.) What Serbstvo caught at the time, however, is reminiscent of the CIA map of Kosovo which in 2010 already included parts of southern Serbia that are now heating up. (As this Serbian general warned all the way back in June, 2000 would be the case.)

But as with all things Balkans — i.e. all things ignored — we’ll just let it all happen and be caught by “surprise” when the stuff hits the fan. Because, as S.J. explained in the rest of his Oct. 2011 email: From a place like Serbia “news travels ONLY if it’s useful for painting a picture of Serbs as monsters [while] all other parties have total immunity to revise history and declare their willing participation in Nazi atrocities [as] ‘forced’.”

The remainder of his email rounds out the picture:

…The constitution is being toyed with daily, but no one is there to speak up. And to make things worse, the proposed restitution legislation (return of property seized in the communist or earlier periods) are not finding favour with the Nazi collaborating Hungarian and German minorities. CORRECTLY deducing that one can say anything in Serbia, and get away with it, the Hungarians are claiming that they were “forced” to collaborate, and that property should be returned to KNOWN COLLABORATORS as well.

All German property was seized after the war, and in the later agreement between Yugoslavia and Western Germany, handed over to the government of Yugoslavia in place of war damages. NOW the Germans are asking for it BACK! …Hungarians too, who WILLFULLY participated in the Hungarian killings of Jews and Serbs (in the case of Serbs, TWICE, as they did the same in WWI)….In any NORMAL country, a call for the rehabilitation of Nazi-collaborations (that’s an understatement, because Hungarians, like Croats…were ALLIES on a state AND national level) would be the end of a politician’s career. Well, not in Serbia. It seems that those that killed thousands of Serbs, Jews and Roma, are free to exercise their “right” ….Serbs, though, have no such right. They are only “free” to be insulted in their own country, by those who clearly grasp the fact that the real arbiters of power, and rulers of Serbia, are the ambassadors of Western powers (yet another instance of the West breaching international laws and conventions, as ambassadors are NOT supposed to meddle in the internal matters of another country…)

…Incidentally, one Hungarian Jew compared the atmosphere in today’s “European” Hungary as similar to that in the Soviet Union…It’s much closer to that in the 1930’s Germany.


I just wanted to include some Vojvodina rumblings from 2011:

Anti-Serb separatist billboards spring up in Vojvodina (Serbianna, Sept. 30, 2011)

Anti-Serb separatist billboards across Vojvodina are urging the majority Serbs to declare themselves “Vojvodinians”.

Written in Serbian, the billboards are part of a campaign to convince Vojvodina Serbs that they are not Serbs and that they should embrace a fictitious ethnic designation of a “vojvodinian” claiming that that is their “right”. [Serbs always are invited to avail themselves of the right to choose to not be Serbs. “Bosniaks” made that choice by converting to Islam, thereby no longer having to call themselves Serbs — and then even designated their former selves the enemy. And Croatians de-Serbed themselves by adopting Catholicism, their very identity forming on the basis of Serb-hatred. As things panned out in the Balkans, we see that Serbs do have the right to choose, just not the right to life.]

Similar campaigns against the Serbian ethnicity are waged in Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia’s Kosovo province where “kosovar” is being promoted. After WWII, for example, communist authorities invented a so-called “macedonian” language by hiring an American linguist to fictionalize the ethnicity. Recently, authorities in Montenegro have modified [the] Serbian alphabet in order to claim an alleged ”montenegrin” ethnic distinction. Bosnian Muslims are doing similar by claiming that their Serbian language is “bosniak”.

US and its western allies support, and in some cases, fund such efforts.

Separatists in Vojvodina consider this region part of Hungary and in 1999 Hungary suggested that the province should be occupied by NATO, and like Kosovo, get independence as a preliminary status before being annexed by Hungary…

…The separatist billboards in Vojvodina, one such seen above, use a modified Serbian flag with 3 stars on a pronounced blue background at expense of other Serbian national colors. The stars are meant to symbolize three Vojvodina regions – Srem, Banat and Backa – that are separate from Serbia.

One Vojvodina billboard says “I remained Vojvodinian, but I am not THE REST of the citizens” suggesting that a non-existent “vojvodinian” nationality is being discriminated against.

Another billboard says that “You have a right to be what you are!” implying that majority Serbs are not Serbs but “vojvodinians”.

Other billboards continue:

“At the upcoming Census citizens will answer a question about their national identity. Many do not know that they have a right to declare themselves Vojvodinian. It is important for you to know. National belonging is a matter of your feelings!”

Yet another billboard says “I am Vojvodinian. I do not want a path but a return to Europe!” implying that Vojvodina should be re-annexed to Hungary which is in Europe.

“I am Vojvodinian. We are – what we are!” declared yet another billboard in this campaign.

Soon, and we should not be surprised, a “vojvodinian” language will be invented and a “vojvodinian” orthodox church will also be promoted – and Washington will probably support such separatist stupidities under a banner of “human rights”.

DSS warns of “forming of new nation in Vojvodina” (Vecernje Novosti, Oct 4, 2011)

NOVI SAD — There is an attempt in Vojvodina to create a new nation of “Vojvodinians”, said Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) provincial board Spokesman Milinko Jovanov.

“Excuses that it is about regional identity are not valid because nobody called on citizens to declare themselves as ‘Banatians’ or ‘Sremians’ (in the population census),” Jovanov stressed.

He has assessed that the attempt could lead to dismemberment of Serbia and that it is supported by Vojvodina Executive Council Chairman Bojan Pajtić and League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) leader Nenad Čanak.