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Maybe one day they’ll help their investigations out at a most basic, building-block level by allowing themselves to acknowledge that “Kosovans” are Albanians. Fourteen years after the war that all these countries took part in, this seems to still be a mystery.

Scotland, you can thank the Clintons, who knew exactly what they were doing when they foisted the Albanian equivalent (but worse) of the Mariel Boat Lift onto NATO countries after foisting the war on them.

Schoolboy who fled Kosovo for Scotland became underworld druglord (Scotland Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Feb. 10)

AS A 10-year-old Arben Dumani started a new life in Scotland away from his wartorn homeland. Some 13 years later and he has now been caged for leading an organised crime network which plotted to flood our nation with £1.2million of heavily cut cocaine.

Arben Dumani (Spindrift Photo Agency)

ARBEN DUMANI was just 10 when he and his family fled the horrors of war-torn Kosovo for a new life in Scotland.

But we can reveal how the child refugee took the opportunity… to build a drugs and crime empire. [NO — he didn’t! He wouldn’t.]

The 23-year-old led an organised crime network which plotted to flood Scotland with £1.2million of heavily cut cocaine.

He was at the head of a gang of Kosovans and Albanians targeted by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency’s Operation Eclipse.

Detectives trailed the four-man crew for a month and bugged their house before swooping on a property in Glasgow’s Kinning Park.

They recovered a £1.2million cocaine haul along with a hydraulic press used to repack the drug after it has been cut with other substances to boost profits. Police also found photos of the men snorting the powder and posing with wads of money.

The gang were led by Mercedes-driving Dumani.

In 1999, tears turned to smiles as he and six fellow Kosovan refugees started their first day at school in Glasgow. Language experts and psychologists were on hand to help them settle in their strange but welcoming new surroundings.

Little Arben, speaking through an interpreter, said: “It was good, we played football and we found a lot of friends. I drew pictures of houses and I am learning the days of the week in English. It was interesting and I was happy.”

But last week, he was in the dock at the High Court in Glasgow along with Albert Memia, 25, Fabion Ponari, 23, and Gjeorgj Pjetri, 28. All four are now behind bars for drug dealing.

[The Adorable Refugee Children. Thank goodness we “saved” them from those terrifying Slavs.]

…Dumani and his gang were involved in the “high level and large scale” drugs operation last May. Prosecutors said their coke was intended for users “in communities across Scotland”.

Albert Memia, known as Diti to his friends, snorts lines of cocaine

…Dumani and Pjetri were found guilty of supplying cocaine, while Memia and Ponari admitted the same charge midway through the trial. A fifth man – 23-year-old Fioralb Hasa – got a not proven verdict.

Dumani’s sister Aida, 25, last night insisted her brother was innocent.

She said: “It was a set-up by the prosecutors – he’s not done anything and we are not letting this go.”


I found some of the comments under the article worth cross-posting:

Lewis Spencer:

yet another crime, but Good to hear these guy are to get justice. It is probably not incorrect to say that most are from albania, and used kosovo as a pretext for escape. Unfortunately, our system allows the benefit to these individuals to start life afresh, and as can be seen they have abused the situation. Once they put personal selfish gain infront of the wellbeing of individuals, moral & law they have forfeit their rights to stay in this country. After their sentances are complete they should be shipped back in a cargo container along with their supporting members. Organised crime and drugs is at the heart of the Hacim Thaci’s Kosovo. This minor case will possibly open our eyes to the everyday brutality other communities have been experiencing across Kosovo & metohija as this region becomes crime oriented and extreme.

Melissa Smithson:

don’t we have enough of our own crims without having to import them from stolen serbian land?

Angus McKay:

We accommodated some 475 Kosovons in Glasgow under the National Dispersal Scheme. In June 2,000, Jack Straw, the then Home Secretary, declared that all Kosovons should return home as their country was now a ‘’safe'’ country. The Kosovons refused to leave Glasgow and Britain.

Had our Home Office and UKBA carried out our laws, Arben Dumani & Co would have been deported and their sick and evil plot would never have occurred.

Thankfully they were stopped - unfortunately we still have to “look after” them - hopefully we can deport them

James MacMillan:

can’t believe the things am reading in this page from all of your comments.Jumping to conclusions as soon as you read a newspaper. From what I’ve heard this whole thing is a total bulshit. And for all of you just waiting for that first chance to get to start mouthing off these people.So many innocent people end up getting the blame. First of all Lewis Spencer the words you use absolute out of order “should be shipped back in a cargo container”Why is it as soon as a foreign person is on the papers you all take the chance to talk about it. I bet you any money if this article was for one of our own it would be a different story starting from the news paper all the way to commenting it.as for you melissa you must be a serbian for leaving that comment “stolen serbian land” thats all am saying hate is a bad thing and probably you still holding a grudge.And for the last it’s ok for us Scots/English to immigrate to OZ and States but when it comes to someone coming here its a different story. All am saying is we should know the facts right before we start to mouth off. Good day!

(Note: Cargo containers are what many Serbs in Kosovo live in. But it’s not good enough for Albanians, apparently, even for a short trip.)

Madge Smithson:

just to let you know i’m not serbian.
don’t you just hate it when people jump to conclusions?
albanians / non -serbs have a well known reputation within the drug smuggling world.
the drug business helped to fund the arms that the K.L.A. used against the serbs.
the U.N. subsequently rewarded the albanians with serbian land.
do you really need an albanian enclave in scotland?