More of this. We kept shoving Serbia into Muslim arms, so by now she figured she might as well embrace it. Especially given the re-Ottomanization of the Balkans we’ve been enforcing. (Not to mention the poverty we plunged them into.)

But the day will come that it’ll backfire: We’ll want Serbia to do yet something else that it doesn’t want to, and Serbia’s Turkish posse will have its back.

What a sad situation, meanwhile: Even as Turkey takes the lead (well, behind the U.S. and Germany) in threatening Serbia if it doesn’t give up Kosovo, we have ongoing developments like this:

Serbia and Turkey confirm friendship at the highest level (, Serbian Goverment, Feb. 6)

Serbia’s Minister without Portfolio Sulejman Ugljanin said that he is very satisfied with the result of Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic’s visit to Turkey.

Ugljanin said in a statement that the friendship between Serbia and Turkey has thus been confirmed at the highest level, which as a big step after several years of work on the establishment of economic and other forms of cooperation with Turkey.

The Minister without Portfolio thanked Turkish President Abdullah Gul for supporting cooperation with Serbia.

Ugljanin, who is co-chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation between Serbia and Turkey, added that Turkish companies are investing in Serbia, noting that EXIM Bank loan is the result of the work of this committee.

The next opportunity for continued economic cooperation will be in late February when the meeting of the Joint Committee of Serbia and Turkey will be held in Ankara. […]

Serbia used to be the bulwark against the Islamization of Europe, but we turned it into the same spineless, sniveling shadow that the rest of the West is, giving it nowhere to go but into Islamic jaws and riyals, to join the rest of the West.

(A note on Ugljanin: He’s a Muslim leader with a huge following in Serbia’s Sandzak region, who had been a supporter of the former Serbian president Vojislav Kostunica. But in the early 2000s Washington declared Kostunica a “nationalist” once he drew the Western-imposed Serbian-self-killing line at the Serbs’ Jerusalem, Kosovo. (After having served dutifully as our puppet against Milosevic and then post-Milosevic.) So when negotiations were going on to form a coalition government in 2008, Condoleezza Rice phoned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan in Ankara telling him to get Ugljanin to support the new pushover party of Boris Tadic. Erdogan promptly summoned Ugljanin to Ankara and within a few days Ugljanin announced his support for Tadic’s Democratic Party to form a coalition government.)


Just saw these two related items from a day earlier (Feb. 5), by the V.I.P. News bulletin, circulated by Liz:

Nikolic accepts invitation for trilateral meeting of Turkey, Serbia and B-H:

President Tomislav Nikolic announced on Monday in Ankara, Turkey that the trilateral meeting of Turkey, Serbia and B-H should take place in May in Ankara. Following the talks with Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Nikolic said that the Serbian side accepted the initiative.

“Serbia backs the initiative of Turkey the meeting of the top officials of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey to take place…”

Nikolic, Gul Announce Turkey’s “Investment Boom” In Serbia

Presidents of Serbia and Turkey, Tomislav Nikolic and Abdullah Gul respectively, said in Ankara, Turkey on Monday that the time has come for the two countries to cooperate “till the last atom” and announced a real boom when it comes to Turkish investments in Serbia.

Nikolic and Gul conferred behind closed doors in Ankara about economic cooperation, Turkish investments in infrastructural projects in Serbia and Turkey’s influence on the stability in the Balkans region. [Oyyyyyy!]

Speaking about investments, Gul announced that concrete steps for promoting cooperation had already been taken and that progress was visible immediately after the signing of the Free trade agreement, and added that Turkey- and Serbia-based companies were working together on a project of building a highway through Serbia, on the Corridor XI, towards the Adriatic Sea.

Gul said that there would be “an economic boom and explosion”, and added that the progress made in economic cooperation was already visible.

Gul personally urged all Turkish investors interested in investing in Serbia to make investments and added that although Serbia and Turkey did not share a border, Turkey considered Serbia as her close neighbour.

Nikolic said that he and his Turkish counterpart both agreed that they would be “partially satisfied only when trade reaches EUR 1 billion.”

“Our friendship is much bigger than our economic exchange. Perhaps it is better that way. It is better for friendship to produce economic exchange, than for economic exchange to produce friendship,” Nikolic said.

He also said that Turkey could be the stability factor in the Balkans and added that Serbia “will cooperate in every action aiming at this goal.”

During the two-day visit to Turkey, Nikolic will also confer with the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Cemil Cicek, the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the most influential Turkey-based businessmen, Nikolic’s office announced in a release.

Delegation of Serbia-based businessmen…on Tuesday will take part in the Serbia-Turkey business council session…meeting between the businessmen from the two countries will take place on Wednesday in Istanbul.

Needless to say, and perhaps inappropriate, but none of this is good for the Jews (not to speak of the Serbs, of course). But given Turkey’s predictable turn to Islam, this doesn’t bode well for Israel or Serbia-Israel relations.

Thanks, U.S.A. (including the Americans of all religious persuasions who helped make this the eventuality).