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I hadn’t realized that “Dr.” Srdja Pavlovic, self-loathing and unadmitted Serb, was part of the “international expert team” of that Canadian “genocide research” outfit run by Bosnian Muslims. I’m wondering if that happened before, or after, he sided with the institute in having another professor kicked out of Canada. But it helps explain his views and, vice versa, his views explain the affiliation. I guess I wasted time and cyberspace in 2011 responding to this vested individual. Anyway, I found out that additional detail about Pavlovic from this item that Liz circulated last week, highlighting the following paragraph from Pavlovic’s response to Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Dr. Simon Samuels thanking the Montenegrin government for its stance on religious freedoms:

Remarks: Meeting Samuels and Djukanović
Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada 14/02/2013

Under the premiership of Milo Djukanović (multi-term prime minister since 1990) the government of Montenegro had preached tolerance while it often practiced and/or tolerated extremism, nationalism, chauvinism, and the hatred of the unwanted other. Djukanović’s government had failed to protect the citizens of Montenegro of Islamic faith when they were molested, tortured, and ethnically cleansed in the early 1990s by various paramilitary units. The role played by the Montenegrin police forces in those crimes is yet to be properly assessed. Moreover, it was the government of Milo Djukanović that ordered its police forces to locate, arrest, and hand over civilian refugees from Bosnia to Radovan Karadžić’s killers. A singular focus on one specific issue, such as the government’s attitude toward the Jewish community in Montenegro does not compensate for the lack of awareness of a historical record. It, however, disregards the large chunk of recent history that represents an unpleasant burden for the Montenegrin government and its multi-term prime minister. Those are my reasons for objecting to your expressing the gratitude to the Montenegrin government in this specific way.

Remarks following the meeting between Dr. Simon Samuels and the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanović

Dr. Srđa Pavlović teaches modern Balkan history at the University of Alberta. [God help us.] His work focuses on nationalism and identity construction. [God help us.] Also Dr. Srđa Pavlović is the Member of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research Genocide, Canada.

So, to waste a little more time and cyberspace, let me point out that, aside from Pavlovic discrediting himself with his implication that “civilians” were being “killed” by Karadzic’s forces, as usual we encounter a contradiction which nonetheless results in no reassessment of the narrative. Isn’t there a chance that, if a government treats Jews well before, during and after wartime, that the things it’s being accused of doing to Muslims aren’t all they’re cracked up to be? While Serbia’s and Montenegro’s record on Jews — including during the 90s wars — was good, Croatia’s, Albanian Kosovo’s and Bosnia’s were not. And yet we’re supposed to believe that the Muslims and Croatians were the abused rather than the abusers. Similarly, the corollary: Isn’t it possible that it was something real that Serbia and Montenegro were responding to, given — as an indicator — the anti-Jewish climates that were bubbling up in Croatia and Bosnia? Especially since, historically, anti-Jewish developments and anti-Serb developments are mutual harbingers of each other? Isn’t it possible that the Yugoslav republics that were going in an anti-Jewish direction were not the underdogs, but — as in virtually every other case in history — the aggressors?

Djukanovic’s reprimand is part of a dark trend on another level too. We’re living in a time when nations that are good to Jews are scolded for bad treatment of Muslims. Muslims, who want to see Jews gone. It doesn’t take a visionary to see where this is going, and how it’ll end. Again. Governments and nations will fall in politically correct line and protect the Jew-haters, by way of the false projection of “discrimination” against Muslims.

I wasn’t going to read the rest of Pavlovic’s letter to Samuels, but I made myself do it, and stumbled upon this additional illuminating paragraph by Pavlovic. It certainly lends strength to any temptation to dismiss him:

The second issue has to do with the invitations you extended to Milo Djukanović to speak at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles…

Since his first day in office (elected to the post of prime minister in 1989) Djukanović called on all the patriots to rally around the Yugoslav Army and protect the motherland form the predatory Croatian neighbour. [Yeah, and?] While justifying the participation of Montenegro in the war of Yugoslav dissolution, [as supposed to virtuously standing idly by or, better, joining the dark side?] Djukanović also had harsh words for anti-war activists. He stressed that “one cannot wave an olive branch while the Serbian people in Croatia are being slaughtered, massacred, raped,” and declared that the aim of the [war] was “to liberate the oppressed Serbian population from under the fascist terror of the Croatian authorities.” [Why is that a punch line when Serbs are being abused, but reverential when he’s writing about Muslims being abused, and Serbia being the fascist terror?] He famously declared that because of his dislike of the Croatian chequered flag, he stopped playing the game of chess, and promised to the people of Montenegro that time had come to “draw the demarcation lines vis-à-vis the Croats once and for all.”

This gives me a new found respect for Djukanovic, though by now he’s become just another Washington puppet purchase. Pavlovic appears to be a member of the bleeding-heart cliche that doesn’t believe there is anything worth defending and so war is never justified, even when it’s being imposed on you by Croatian clerical-fascists, Bosnian Muslims with a fundamentalist leader, or domestic terrorists ambushing officials, police and civilians in Kosovo. And, of course, the more obvious point: He’s defending Croatia and its fascist flag. This guy has made it all too easy to dismiss him wholesale. And the cherry on top:

One further wonders what some of the previous distinguished speakers from that stage would say to the invitation being extended to Milo Djukanović? I would like to think (call me naïve and idealistic) that Havel, if he were still with us, might object to it. I most certainly do.

The Czech president he picks as a beacon of virtue is this one:

In a speech to the Canadian Parliament, Czech leader Vaclav Havel praised the Yugoslav war as “an important precedent for the future,” saying that “state sovereignty must inevitably dissolve” and nation-states will be transformed into “civil administrative units.”

Which would seem to contradict Pavlovic’s (supposed) anti-war stance. Perhaps, since there’s nothing on the earth worth defending, only defensive wars are never justified, but aggressive wars are OK?


Pavlovic’s characterization of Djukanovic also underscores another theme that we keep revisiting: The fact that Pavlovic and the genocidaires are giving Djukanovic a hard time, even though he has severed Montenegro from Serbia; imposed a “Montenegrian” nation using Ustasha templates* (and Croatian linguists who codified his “Montenegrin language”); and empowered** the KLA and “Bosniaks”, just goes to show that one can NEVER please these totalitarians, no matter what.

* During WWII, there was a Montenegrin Ustasha sympathizer named Sekula Drljevic, who basically wrote reams of propaganda about how Montenegrins are actually a lost tribe of Catholic Croats, and how the evil Schismatic Serbs stole their land, faith and culture, etc. It was complete rubbish, of course, but it served Pavelic and Hitler nicely. So when the time came for Djukanovic and his cronies to create a “Montenegrin identity” separate from Serbs — on orders from the U.S., which has bankrolled him at least since 1998 — they decided not to reinvent the wheel, and simply recycled Drljevic’s drivel. Pavlovic has been doing the same thing.

** For Montenegro’s 2006 independence referendum, the EU mission had said the separatists needed 55% of the vote, so they got precisely that. By striking Montenegrins residing in Serbia from voter rolls; by flying in Albanians from New York; by getting Albanian, “Bosniak” and “Croat” (the coastal Catholics classified as “Croats” under Tito) votes; and finally by buying votes outright. Two years later Djukanovic recognized Kosovo statehood and has the most cordial relations with Thaci the Thug.

******FURTHER UPDATE******

I’d written the above update on Feb 19th and today, Feb. 20th, I see that in a Feb. 14th email from Liz, she informs me that Pavlovic is in fact an admirer of Sekula Drljevic. To repeat, Drljevic was a WWII fascist Ustasha sympathizer and Montenegrin separatist. So let’s underscore the fact that Jewish leaders should be warned to know such things, and to be very wary when Bosniaks and their sympathizers try to involve Simon Wiesenthal Center or any other Jewish organizations as expert advisers or sympathizers. Indeed, Dr. Samuels should have a sense of whom such a letter comes from, and dismiss it forthwith.