Nothing like a legal lesson from a mafia state.

I don’t know what’s more absurd: the spectacle of a roomful of Harvard Law students being subjected to a speech by a “president” of the “Constitutional Court of Kosovo,” or Prime Minister “Snake” Thaci being awarded a “good governance” award at the “world peace summit” in South Korea last week by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his “Unification Church.” (And an honorary doctorate to boot.)

All part of the ongoing efforts to buy credibility for the terrorists-slash-mobsters we’ve installed to govern “democratic, multi-ethnic” Kosovo. Starting with the latter of the two events, what we have is the son of late Rev. Sun Myung Moon — Mister World Peace himself — giving the “good governance” award to a mass murderer and Albanian crime boss.

This is too much for even a comedian to bear:

The above images are from a website of Thaci’s office, basically reporting to his “citizens”: Look how well we’re getting one over on the world.

I’ve pointed out before that the education level at Ivy League schools differs not at all from community college when the subject is the Balkans. And so here we have little Harvard students — whose parents think they’re getting something special in return for all those megabucks — being subjected to the same Kosovo fact sheet that all the slower kids get. Delivered by a “Kosovar” official who — there’s a 50-50 chance — may surprise the students one day when he’s found either arrested or murdered. (Assuming he’s a typical “Kosovar” leader.)

President Of Kosovo Constitutional Court speaks at HLS (Feb. 27)

On Feb. 4, more than 70 Harvard Law School students, faculty, and other members of the Harvard community gathered in Wasserstein Hall to hear Dr. Enver Hasani, president of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, speak on “European Self-Determination and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo.”

…Before his appointment to the court, Hasani was the head of Kosovo’s newly established Office of Foreign Relations, a legal advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, and a delegate to the Rambouillet Conference on Kosovo. He has also served as…founder and head of the Human Rights Centre, and professor….

The talk led to questions from the audience about Serbia’s motives for challenging the Republic of Kosovo’s bid for independence and the possible implications of the controversial ICJ ruling for separatist movements in other countries.

Hasani’s visit, which was organized by International Legal Studies, provided a welcome opportunity for one HLS alumnus to return to campus and reconnect with the jurist. David Palko ’12…spent the summer of 2010…working at the Constitutional Court of Kosovo at the end of the court’s first judicial year. “[Hasani] is a great leader for a court that is looking at things for the first time,” Palko said.

Yo, I went to Huntuh Kolleedge and I coulda said som’n more dope den dat!