Hmm, could Europeans be getting a clue? When will we?

European Commission
Press release
Brussels, 12 February 2013
First Commission report on progress by Kosovo* towards visa liberalisation

The Commission presented today the first report on the progress achieved by Kosovo in fulfilling the requirements of the visa liberalisation roadmap…The report assesses Kosovo’s record in adopting and implementing legislation and reforms as set out in the visa liberalisation roadmap, with a focus on Kosovo’s legislation.

It shows that Kosovo has established a legal and institutional framework in readmission, reintegration, document security, border/boundary management, migration, asylum, the fight against organised crime and corruption, police and judicial cooperation, data protection and fundamental rights related to the freedom of movement.

The report identifies two new pieces of legislation that Kosovo should adopt: a law on inter-agency cooperation in integrated border/boundary management and a law to combat trafficking in human beings…

Kosovo’s current capacity to fight organised crime and corruption remains limited, with a potentially severe impact on the EU’s internal security.

The visa refusal rate for applicants from Kosovo varies across the Schengen area, while the number of Kosovo citizens refused entry to the EU doubled recently. The number of citizens found to be illegally staying or seeking asylum in the EU has fallen, and the number of pending readmission applications should be reduced.

The European Commission launched a visa liberalisation dialogue with Kosovo on 19 January 2012 (IP/12/32).

The visa roadmap was handed to Kosovo authorities on 14 June 2012 (IP/12/605). […]