Psychologist: Tampa terrorism suspect competent for trial (The Tampa Tribune, Feb. 21)

A court-appointed psychologist has concluded terrorism suspect Sami Osmakac is competent to stand trial, a judge said Thursday.

Sami Osmakac [or Osmankaj], a naturalized citizen from Kosovo, was arrested last year on charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and possession of an unregistered machine gun after an undercover sting by the FBI. Authorities said he planned to attack a busy Tampa night spot, then take hostages and demand the release of Muslim prisoners.

Muslim prisoners? Really? But he’s Albanian. What do Albanians have to do with Muslims? Aside from being Muslim, of course.

…[P]sychologist Debbie Goldsmith determined Osmakac is competent. Defense lawyer Ralph Fernandez, who mentioned Osmakac’s “auditory hallucinations,” said he has concerns that his client may not be competent, and he requested a hearing…The lawyer also noted “desperation and paranoia” observed by government agents who were monitoring Osmakac for more than a year before he was arrested.

“This report doesn’t address some critical issues,” Fernandez said of Goldsmith’s conclusions.

Fernandez said he would like to withdraw from the case; he has cited “irreconcilable differences” with Osmakac in court pleadings. Fernandez said another lawyer may enter the case, allowing him to withdraw.

In other non-Muslimy Albanian jihadi news, it turns out that the notorious British jihadi Anjem Choudary’s “Nordic protege” is Albanian. Thanks to Nebojsa for finding this by Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna:

Anjem Choudary’s Nordic Protégé (Gates of Vienna, March 3)

…Many thanks to The Observer for translating this article from Aftenposten:

“British extremist refers to himself as a mentor for Norwegian Islamists”

Senior members of the Prophet’s Ummah are rumored to have been in close contact with the extreme Islamist Anjem Choudary and his network in the UK.

A short while ago a video titled “Message from MillatuIbrahim Norway” was published on YouTube and on the website The website is one of the media platforms for Anjem Choudary and his followers.

In the video the Albanian-born Egzon Avdyli, who has served as a spokesman for the group the Prophet’s Ummah, reads a message using the alias Abu Ibraheem.

Anjem Choudary claims that the main purpose of the website is to spread what he calls the truth about Islam.

“I was the one who encouraged him to make the video and post it there,” says Choudary to Aftenposten.

Aftenposten has contacted Avdyli, who says that it is incorrect that Choudary urged him to make the video or to post it on the website. Avdyli does not want to make any further comment.

Anjem Choudary is lawyer who founded the controversial extreme organization Al-Muhajiroun along with Omar Bakri Muhammad.

After the terrorist attacks in London on July 7, 2005, the organization was disbanded. Bakri was deported from the UK and relocated to Lebanon, and Choudary took on the leadership responsibilities.

Al-Muhajiroun was also banned by the government because it was regarded as a terrorist organization with links to, among others, Al-Qaeda.

The organization changed its name several times. In 2010 the organization Islam4UK, led by Choudary and a direct successor to Al-Muhajiroun, was also banned by the British authorities. Membership in this organization can result in a ten-year prison sentence.

Arslan Maroof Hussain, the self-proclaimed leader of the Prophet’s Ummah, and the spokesperson of the organization, Egzon Avdyli, are reported to have established contact with Anjem Choudary and his network in the UK earlier this winter.

“I have regular contact with Hussain and Ibraheem (Avdyli’s nickname — editor). There are no formal links between us, but I’m a mentor and advisor for the organization. Many claim that they represent Islam, but I see the Prophet’s Ummah as one of the few voices in Europe that speaks the truth about Islam without compromising their position,” says Choudary.

He bases this statement on the fact that the organization follows the pure teachings of Islam.

“At the same time they prioritize what Islam dictates: the creation of an Islamic state, the liberation of Muslim countries through jihad and the liberation of Muslim prisoners, who among others include Sheikh Mullah Krekar,” says Choudary. […]

Liberation of Muslim countries through jihad. Sounds like the sort of thing we helped out with in Bosnia and Kosovo.

This has been just an additional two examples of how grand it is that Albanians are all secular, moderate, tolerant and LOVE America and the West, and always will.

(See this short bit for the al-Muhajiroun-Kosovo connection.)