Well it’s back to business as usual for Washington/Brussels vis-a-vis Albania. After a brief lapse into candor about Albania’s bad behavior, we’re back to talking about its ‘constructive role’ and its serving regional stability:

Baroness Ashton confirmed the support for the advancement of Albania’s European integration process (Balkans.com Business News Correspondent, March 4)

Albania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Edmond Panariti attended Transatlantic Dinner hosted in Rome by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Giulio Terzi. This activity was attended by foreign ministers of NATO and EU member countries…

During the dinner, Minister Panariti met with the U.S. State Secretary, Mr. John Kerry. Both interlocutors assessed the excellent relations between the two countries. They highlighted that both governments share common positions on issues related to the Western Balkans region and beyond.

How about that?! It just so happens that Albania and the U.S. “share” a lot of “common positions” on the Balkans. If my friend wants his neighbor’s house and so I kill his neighbor for him, then I guess my friend and I share a common position on that neighbor and his house, and then we’ll share a common position on the subsequent actions we undertake together in covering our tracks for however long we can both keep a secret. Until something happens to expose us and our “common position.”

Minister Panariti emphasized that one of the main priorities of the Albanian government is strengthening of relations with all the countries of the region through an open and constructive policy. In this context, it has aimed to the promoting of cohesion of the Albanian factor in the region in the service of the stability and the spirit of understanding among these countries…

Huh? Is he saying that promoting Albanian solidarity across borders (e.g. Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece) supposed to help “stability”? So separatism is the new stability? Apparently so:

State Secretary Kerry acknowledged the constructive role of Albania serving peace and stability in the region. He assessed positively the partnership offered by Albania as a NATO member state for the protection of peace, security and democratic values in various regions of the world.

Also, Minister Panariti held a meeting with the EU High Representative for the Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Catherine Ashton. During the meeting, Minister Panariti stressed that Albanian government is fully committed for the speeding up of the European integration process of the country…

No kidding!

On her part, Baroness Ashton confirmed the support for the advancement of Albania’s European integration process….She informed about her plan to visit soon Albania focusing on the issues of European integration and upcoming parliamentary elections in the meetings with state authorities.

Source; Government