This item caught my eye just because it illustrates one of the many similar dynamics between what the Israelis are put through with Palestinian terrorists they imprison, and what Serbs are put through with the Albanian terrorists and murderers they’re not even allowed to imprison (or, alternately, are pressured to release).

Abbas: Palestinians who kill Jews cannot be punished (Israel Today, April 29, By Ryan Jones)

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, hailed the world over as a “moderate,” again insisted last week that Palestinian Arabs who murder Israeli Jews cannot be punished for their crimes.

Abbas was hosting a two-day “Freedom and Dignity” conference in Ramallah to mark the 11th anniversary of Israel’s arrest of Marwan Barghouti, a senior member of Abbas’ own Fatah party who was convicted of directing numerous terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Polls show that a vast majority of Palestinians want to elect Barghouti as their president, if he is every freed by Israel.

At the event, Abbas declared that whether or not Israel frees the thousands of jailed Palestinian terrorists will determine its true commitment to peace.

Many of the Palestinians jailed by Israel took part in attacks that killed innocent Jewish men, women and children. And most of the rest were captured while trying to do so.

According to Abbas, these killers and would-be killers must not be held accountable for their crimes. After all, they were only trying to kill Jews. [Just like the tones of understanding in reports of Albanians kill Serbs.]

Even more shocking than Abbas’ position on this matter is the support it receives from America and Europe.

The Freedom and Dignity conference was graced by the presence of Isabelle Durant, vice president of the European Parliament, who Palestinian media reported is making “immense efforts” to win the freedom of the jailed terrorists.

Durant read a speech on behalf of the European Parliament president, Martin Schulz, who charged Israel with committing a human rights violation by imprisoning Palestinians who kill or try to kill Jews.

Former US President Jimmy Carter [sent] a videotaped speech in which he stressed that setting the Palestinian terrorists free is a necessary condition for peace.

I was watching “Game of Thrones” on Sunday, and there was a line — simply stated, as if it couldn’t be any more obvious: To release your enemies is treason.