On her website, the original Broadway Evita Patti Lupone blogs about her travels in “Ramblings from the Road,” commenting, “What a mess this world is. If we send bombs to Israel we had better be building bomb shelters for the people of Lebanon. What is going on? Everybody wants peace, I know it. And, you know, I think back to Vanessa Redgrave and her politics of the 60’s and 70’s…”

This one just “knows” that everyone wants peace — despite the evidence to the contrary thrown at us on a daily basis. But let’s go along. Let’s think like Patti. This means that:

If Lupone’s bodyguards carry guns, she’d better buy bullet-proof vests for her stalkers.

If pharmaceutical companies provide AIDS drugs, they should make the HIV virus resistant to the drugs.

And if Planned Parenthood provides abortion services, they’d better support anti-abortion legislation.

Because we really shouldn’t take sides.