I’ve quoted conservative former Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher before, both favorably and unfavorably, but always noticing that he seemed to have more of a clue on the Balkans than most commentators. Source Danny recently sent me the following which, again, has a bit of cluefulness, followed by a bit of cluelessness.

Toward the bottom of his May 9th column in The American Conservative, “How America Helped Kill Middle Eastern Christianity,” he wrote the following:

I am working this morning from a hotel room in Texas, where I’ve come on business for a couple of days. I just had a heartbreaking conversation with the maid, an older woman who is a Kosovar Muslim war refugee. Dear lady, she talked about how thankful she is to America that our country offered her and her husband and children refuge from Milosevic’s persecution, but how humiliating it has been for her to work as a chambermaid all these years.

“I only make enough to pay my rent and my groceries, but I am happy for that,” she said. “At least I have my life. But it is hard, when you have everything taken from you, and you are so old when you come to this new country that the only thing you have the language skills for is cleaning rooms.”

I could tell that she felt bad that she had complained. She followed by saying that she is grateful that she and her family have their lives, and weren’t murdered by the Serbs. I told her I agreed, and that I feel sorry today for the Serbian Orthodox monks and nuns whose monasteries are today being desecrated and destroyed by Kosovar Muslim thugs. She smiled sadly.

Anyway, America gave this Muslim woman and her family a haven from persecution [he still thinks the war was about Albanian persecution] in a war we didn’t start. Yet we could not give Arab Christian families - people from our own cultural and civilizational roots - a haven, even though we started the war that led directly to their own murder and persecution.

Shame on America. Christian readers, let’s batter the offices of our members of Congress and our president on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, who are suffering in part because of our country’s actions.

Apparently interested in Dreher’s background, Danny looked up his Wikipedia page, and discovered that Dreher had been raised Methodist and converted to Catholicism in 1993. But covering the Church’s child sex abuse scandals led Dreher to question his faith and in 2006 he converted to Eastern Orthodoxy.