I’ve written before about clueless Christian missionaries in Kosovo who, like this other group, and like our soldiers, seem to focus their activities on helping the Muslim-Albanian victors rather than the losing side there that never asked for the KLA insurgency we helped, their own Christian brethren, the Serbs, who need the help so much more. But this one takes the cake. Or, the chili:

This “church” in Montana isn’t helping rebuild Kosovo’s Albanian-destroyed churches or monasteries. Instead:

Great Falls church hosting chili cook-off with celebrity chefs to help Kosovo (June 1, 2013 by Simone DeAlba (simone@krtv.com))

The Great Falls Christian Center is hosting a chili cook-off on Saturday, June 1st, as a fun way to support a serious cause.

The center wants to offer aid and support to the families who suffered from ethnic cleansing [sic] in Kosovo back in 1999.

The years following the massacre have been difficult for survivors, and they have struggled to recover.

The chili event features notable public figures as celebrity chefs, including former KRTV anchor Cindy Cieluch, Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards, and Great Falls City Manager Greg Doyon.

There will also be a live auction.

Pastor Nate Swanson says this event gives the community a chance to make a difference for those in need in the international community: “The children, for a long time, were just running the streets and they were uneducated, uncared for, and so we’ve established a daycare there and we have full time missionaries that are now teaching these children and encouraging the families.”

The cookoff starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Great Falls Christian Center, located at 4114 North Park Trail.

It’s $15 for a family or $5 for an individual.

For more information, call 406.727.4849.