It seems the 60-year guilt complex Germany was decent enough to have after WWII has come to an end. Germany — which usually doesn’t support UN resolutions against Israel — made the unusual move in November of voting in favor of a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood as per the Kosovo example. That apparently was just setting the stage for what was to come, because last month Germany went a step further, joining the rest of its EU in reviving the Jewish boycott:

Germany Revives the Jewish Boycott (Front Page Magazine, June 17, By Joseph Puder)

…Germany now says it supports the European Union’s plan to discriminatively label Jewish-made products in this region, the purpose of which is to stigmatize and mark the products for consumers to avoid…

[The ADL’s Abe] Foxman explained that the EU initiative represented an “effort at singling out Israel when there is no outcry over so many human rights abuses everywhere.” Addressing the German government in particular, since it has recently passed legislation in support of the EU labeling scheme, he stated on Sunday (June 2, 2013) “If the only country you want to single out is Israel, that’s anti-Semitism.”

Foxman dismissed the notion that the situation in the West Bank was unique and therefore might justify a unique response.

Ah, so they’re saying that Israel is suffering the fate it’s suffering because it’s a “unique” example. And therefore requires a unique response. Are we noticing the same language being employed vis-a-vis Serbia’s Kosovo? All international norms and laws are being broken to wrest unilaterally declared Kosovo from Serbia because it’s a “unique” case. And because it’s a unique case, it sets no precedent for any other cases. Such as the Palestinian declaration of statehood in whose furtherance pressure is “uniquely” being placed on Israel.

[Foxman] argued that the focus on alleged Israeli human right abuses relating to settlements was an excuse to single out Israel. [Wasn’t it alleged human rights abuses by Serbia that was the excuse to single out Serbia?] Foxman pointed out that given the dismal human rights situation in so many places worldwide, “where people are being killed for who they are, and this is the only concern?” Foxman added, “Where are the sanctions against those who kill Christians [in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Turkey, to name a few]? Where is the outcry?” [Now there’s a refreshing turn by Foxman; he’s finally noticing the Washington-facilitated Christian liquidation.]

…Moreover, a boycott against Israel, which seeks territorial compromise with the Palestinians, while the Palestinians have instead chosen the destruction of the Jewish State and have refrained from negotiations with Israel to resolve the territorial issue, is nothing less than a renewal of government sanctioned Jew hatred.

It’s certainly interesting that Serbia — the side that sought a territorial compromise with Kosovo’s Albanians while the latter would settle for nothing less than the whole thing while intermittently threatening war — was the side slapped with ultimatums and stigma. It was little more than Serb-hatred.

Just weeks following the Six Day War of June 1967, Israel’s renowned Foreign minister Abba Eban, in an interview with the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, coined the now famous phrase “The Auschwitz borders,” when referring to the pre-1967 borders of Israel. Eban stated in the interview that Israel’s return to the pre-1967 indefensible borders will bring danger and lack of security for the Jewish State. Eban went on to say that “I am not exaggerating when I say that for us it holds the imagery of Auschwitz.”

The EU states, including Germany, have excused their discriminatory moves against Israel as stemming from pure political motives, namely, their desire to advance human rights and peace in the region. The intentional goal to hurt Jewish businesses however, removes their alleged quest for equality and justice, and exposes the ugly truth of racial and religious bias.

Not everyone in the EU supports this discriminatory boycott of Israeli products. In 2009, in the wake of a proposed boycott of Israeli products, right and left-wing politicians in Rome came out in support of the city’s Jewish community… Piero Marrazzo, governor of the Lazio region of which Rome is the capital, called the idea of boycotting Jewish shops blood-curdling and met leaders of Rome’s Jewish neighborhoods to express his solidarity. […]

Again, the only decent ones are the Italians. Things certainly are lining up in a familiar way.