And the Serbian one is no exception. When the thing to do was sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, that’s what they did. Now the thing to do is Islam, and this weak character could no longer stand not giving in to the peer pressure:

Serbian musician Rajinatovic finds the answers in Islam (July 15)

(In Serbness he only found bombs, so I suppose Islam is comparatively more fun, at least at first.)

Igor Rajinatovic of Serbian origin, one of the renowned musicians of Bosnia-Herzegovina, has converted to Islam by stating that Islam has answered the questions such as death and man’s existence.

Devoting his music career to Islam after converting, Rajinatovic gives his listeners Islamic messages with his songs.

“I cannot explain how I feel after converting to Islam. I feel completely sanctified and free,” said Rajinatovic defining his life before Islam as “nothing.”

Pointing that Islamophobia was growing every day in Europe, Rajinatovic said “They can do whatever they want to oppose the Islamic understanding and Islamic ideas, the Holy Quran is quite clear about everything and show what is real.”

Well, life should certainly get easier now. Especially if he’s living in Bosnia. Boy, he must wonder why his ancestors resisted for all those centuries. Now he can fit in among his fellow Muslim Serbs. I mean, er, “Bosnian Muslims.”

Oh, and someone should remind him that there’s no music in Islam.


Reader Milos comments on “I feel completely sanctified and free”: “I suppose he has a point after seeing all these stories about Muslims
getting away with rioting, looting and murder.”