In my earlier blog today I mentioned Fatos Lubonja, a rare Albanian to be unsettled by Kosovo elites’ approving reaction to the murderous Ramush Haradinaj getting off the hook at The Hague, though I would expand the criticism to Albanian society in general, which is of like mind with the elites.

Another righteous Albanian came to my attention, one who considers himself to be of Macedonian nationality rather than of the expansionist, ethnocentric, soon-to-come Greater Albanian nationality that all other Albanians subscribe to.

Hasani: Albania will not have democratic elections in the next 100 years (Macedonia Online, July 11)

Besnik Hasani, resident of Trebishte in the Golo Brdo area, says Albania fixed the results of their elections on June 23rd. Hasani is a vice president of the Macedonian Alliance and was a candidate for Parliament for MPs in Peskopea. Hasani says he is not interested in the votes of other Macedonians which he is convinced voted for him, he wonders what happened to his own vote and the votes of his family? According to Albania’s election results, zero (0) votes were registered for the Macedonian alliance in the municipality of Trebishte.

“This, you won’t find this anywhere on this planet. I can guarantee with certainty Albania will not have democratic elections in the next 100 years. There will always be manipulations and voting fraud as it is the norm in this country. How is it possible for Trebishte to have 0 votes for the Macedonian Alliance when I voted for myself — let’s not even count my extended family and activists,” says Hasani who says this happens to Macedonians continually.

“We don’t have Macedonians in the state electoral commission, so this prevents us from seeing what’s going on when votes are supposedly counted. The votes were not counted in Golo Brdo, rather in the city of Bulkiza. Our sources confirmed the Macedonian Alliance received large numbers in Trebishte and Ostreni which was expected. Unfortunately, MAEI votes were all stolen, and officially we were left with 10 votes in Golo Brdo, which is laughable,” says Hasani.

MAEI sent objections to the Central Electoral Commission however they were quickly rejected. On the other hand, objections sent by the Vlach community (Greek since 2005) were approved by Tirana. [Clearly, the Greek community in Albania — being higher-profile — has made greater inroads than the Macedonian community in pushing for diversity in Albania.]