Bosnian MP arrested on suspicion of war crimes: report (FOCUS News Agency, July 19)

Bosnia’s state security agency on Friday announced the arrest of a Muslim member of parliament suspected of war crimes against ethnic Serbs during the Balkan country’s civil war, local media said, cited by AFP.

Semsudin Mehmedovic, whose SDA party represents the nation’s Muslim majority, is suspected of abusing ethnic Serbs as a police chief and making arbitrary arrests during the 1990s conflict, a spokeswoman for the agency told local media.

The crimes allegedly took place in 1992 and 1993 in Tesanj, 150 kilometres (93 miles) north of the capital Sarajevo, when Mehmedovic was the town’s police chief, spokeswoman Kristina Jozic said.

A probe into the case began last year, and three other suspects are still being investigated, she said.

Mehmedovic has been a member of parliament since 2006. […]

This is an interesting arrest. Why now? What’s — literally — the deal? After all, this is a big honcho, who is well known for infiltrating Bosnia with radicals, getting them weapons through Croatia, and being Bosnia’s al-Qaeda hook-up. Just look at this blog’s previous mentions of him:

[W]ell-known figures associated with the political and security apparatus, such as Siladzic and hard-liner Semsudin Mehmedovic, were nurturing the Wahhabis — and aiding foreign Islamic terrorist groups in Bosnia. In 1996, while police chief in Zenica, Mehmedovic was charged by the New York Times of “having sheltered foreign Islamic fundamentalist fighters, of crushing moderate Muslim political forces and of fostering hatred between Muslims and Croats. According to Galijasevic, Mehmedovic remains “the chief of al Qaeda in Bosnia….

“Mehmedovic was the man who signed off on marriage licenses for Jihad fighters who came to Bosnia and got married off with local Muslim women.

“According to Michael Sells citing Washington Post’s reports back in 1996, ‘The U.S. government, if it were serious about enforcing the Dayton accords, could simply ask its close friends in Kuwait and Riyadh to stop supporting extremist fundamentalist[s] like Mehmedovic who are trying to destroy the Dayton agreement and establish what would be an Islamic ghetto in the heart of Europe.’”

Maybe that’s what finally happened, 17 years later, the belated “war crimes” charges being just the pretext to get rid of him? Shedding some light on all this:

CIA, MUJAHIDEEN AND SDA IN CAHOOTS (Serb Republic News Agency, Aug. 2)

During and after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Mujahid unit commander Abu Mali was an operations liaison of Šemsudin Mehmedović of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA)…claims counter-terrorism expert Dževad Galijašević.

Galijašević told Srna that throughout the war Abu Mali had been supplying information to an Islamic group in San Diego, California about the course and goals of the war.

He says that this piece of information, as well as the fact that pilots who participated in the 9/11 attack were trained not only in Germany, but also in San Diego, became known after a press conference of the director of the National Security Agency, Army General Keith Alexander.

Galijašević claims that NSA confirmed on Thursday the findings and information that the Southeast Europe Expert Team…had constantly been delivering to security agencies and the public.

He says that Mehmedović kept his operations liaison – Abu Mali – under the title Vazal (vassal). When the Mujahideen commander learnt about it, he was insulted because, according to Galijašević, vazal means “a servant of the occupying forces” and not “a servant of God.”

Galijašević notes that the first Mujahideen arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to Mehmedović who brought them to the village Jablanica near Tešanj, and that Mehmedović also cooperated with Sheikh Abel Aziz Barbarossa, who was charged with an attack on a residential complex in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia in 1996, in which 372 people were wounded and 19 were killed.

Galijašević noted that in the war, Mehmedović helped many Mujahideen to meet the requirements for BiH citizenship by facilitating their marriages with local women.

“He also hosted the infamous terrorist group from Roubaix in France. One of its chiefs Christophe Caze Abu Velid took a photo holding a cut-off head of a Serb at Crni Vrh near Tešanj, for which case an investigation into Mehmedović is underway,” says Galijašević.

Abu Mali is [a] citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina even today and lives at the address of the Presidency of BiH. He was granted citizenship under one of his 170 doubtful names by that or a similar institution, says Galijašević.

His previous address was at the Spanish Embassy in Sarajevo, he claims.

Abu Mali, that is to say an Algerian by the name of Abdelkader Mokhtari, got his BiH citizenship under the name of Khalid Ibn Abdullah, who is of Kuwaiti descent, as did Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, who was the first accused for the 9/11 attacks. Galijašević says that the two are listed one after the other in the BiH citizenship records.

Abu Mali later changed his name to Halid Ćatić and then held a position of an attaché with the BiH diplomatic mission to the UN under the name of Safet Abid Ćatović.

The only problem, according to Galijašević, is the fact that during the war in BiH, CIA used the services of Abu Mali and that now the agency cannot talk about the nature of that relationship.

The US also knew that Mohamed Atta, the main operative of the 9/11 attacks, held BiH citizenship and that one year before the attack, he had spent six months in Bočinja near Maglaj.

In the surveillance scandal, NSA proved that it had been aware of those data, which its director himself disclosed.

Galijašević says that General Alexander had definitely confirmed the connection between Khalid al-Mihdhar and the so-called group from San Diego, where Mihdhar took pilot training, and that in a subsequent replay of his calls they learnt about the cell in which BiH citizen Adis Medunjanin was placed.

“That was how a terrorist attack on the New York subway was prevented and thanks to that, the group was arrested and convicted together with Medunjanin, as claimed by the NSA director,” explains Galijašević.

The 9/11 report that was made in 2004 in over 500 pages and adopted by the US Congress mentioned Bosnia and Herzegovina only twice, stating that Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar participated for some time in the Bosnian war and that the US had had intelligence about it.

“We learnt from the NSA press conference on Thursday that the Americans had known about the role of [wartime Bosnian president] Izetbegović’s nomenclature and the Mujahideen and terrorists the whole time,” stated Galijašević.

In less political Bosnian-Muslim-arrest news, a chap in Vermont turns out to have — gasp — lied on his U.S. entry application:

Bosnian in Vermont accused of lying about war crimes (Burlington Free Press, July 26, 2013, By Mike Donoghue)

An immigrant living in Burlington is facing federal charges for lying to immigration authorities by denying involvement in war crimes during the conflict in Bosnia….

Edin Sakoc, 54, committed war crimes against a civilian Bosnian Serb family 21 years ago, according to the two-count indictment unsealed Friday.

Sakoc, a Bosnian Muslim, is accused of raping a Serb woman in July 1992, aiding in the killing of two elderly people she was caring for and burning down the house they were staying in, court records show.

The three victims, after their home was destroyed by military fire, moved to live in the house of a nearby Bosnian Croat family in July 1992.

Sakoc and an unnamed co-conspirator removed one of the victims from the home against her will, the indictment said. It said Sakoc then assaulted and raped her before taking her to the Dretelji prison camp.

Later that night or early the next morning Sakoc and the co-conspirator returned to the home for the other two victims. The indictment said once inside, the co-conspirator, “aided and abetted by Sakoc, shot and killed Victim-2 and victim-3.”

Sakoc and the co-conspirator then burned down the home and also took the bodies outside to burn them, the indictment said.

Authorities say Sakoc lied when he applied for refugee status in March 2001 and for permanent residence in the United States by denying any past crimes or persecution…He became a permanent legal resident about March 2004 after filing more paperwork, including answers denying any past crimes.

Sakoc applied in the district of Vermont to become a naturalized citizen of the United States in February 2007, the indictment said. He was required to file various forms and swear to their accuracy.

Sakoc became a naturalized citizen of the United States in September 2007.

If Sakoc is convicted on either criminal charge, he is subject to having his naturalization revoked, according to the indictment. […]

The item above illustrates a point made here repeatedly, starting with the killing spree in Salt Lake City by Sulejman Talovic, whose father too lied on his immigration application: How many more of these “innocent refugees” do we have here, who have lied about their war records? Separately, I love how people get to be “refugees” from wars they started.

An update to the story appears below, with thanks to Liz (who also found that according to the indictment, the unnamed co-conspirator who helped the Muslim rape, kill and burn three Christian-Orthodox women was a Croat).

Bosnian immigrant charged with lying about alleged war crimes (NBC News, July 26, 2013)

A naturalized U.S. citizen living in Vermont pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he lied on his citizenship application about gruesome war crimes he is accused of having committed 21 years ago during the Bosnian war.

The grand jury indictment, which was unsealed Friday in U.S. District Court in Burlington, alleges that Sakoc, a Bosnian Muslim, kidnapped and raped a Bosnian Serb woman and abetted the killings her mother and aunt in July 1992 — only three months into what would become a 3½-year bloodbath….

That’s not what he’s charged with, however. The indictment formally charges him with two counts of failing to disclose the alleged crimes….

The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia in March 1992. The next month, armed conflict broke out between Bosnian Serbs and a loose coalition of Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats. The conflict spread to other former Yugoslav republics… [Notice here the MSM-uncharacteristic presentation of the chronology: Rather than writing of “Serbia” or “Slobodan Milosevic” ’setting off’ three wars, the first thing to have happened was BiH declaring independence. At which point armed conflict “broke out.” That is, the sentence is missing a clearly identified instigating culprit for a subject. Could this mean that, as Western journalists learn more about the wars they covered 20 years ago, they’re being belatedly…cautious…in how they word things?]

…Sakoc assaulted and raped the woman and took her to Dretelj, a nearby prison camp where Bosnian Serbs were tortured or killed during the war, it says. A few hours later, Sakoc and his partner returned to the home, where the unnamed second person shot and killed the woman’s mother and aunt, the indictment alleges. They then burned the women’s bodies and torched the house, it says.


An Examiner company blogger, Jim Kouri (”Law Enforcement Examiner”) noticed the story, and — though it’s not the first time these independent ‘examiners’ have impressed on the Balkans — used some surprisingly strong victim language not usually associated with Serbs. Note also the un-minced declarative sentence under the photo (which at the URL appears when you click on an arrow in the picture):

American Muslim discovered to be wanted war criminal (The Examiner, July 27)

The United States actually supported Muslim terrorists who fought the Serbs in Bosnia.

…his participation in the persecution of Bosnian Serbs during the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The federal indictment alleges that in July 1992 Sakoc abducted, kidnapped, tortured and raped a Bosnian Serb woman and aided and abetted the brutal killing the rape victim’s elderly mother and aunt.

“While President Bill Clinton’s administration and his media sycophants painted the Serbian military as war criminals and supported the Croat and Muslim sides in the conflict, we later discovered the Muslims were as brutal and merciless as — if not more brutal and merciless than — the Serbs,” said crime and terrorism analyst Bradley Schreiber.

[Mr. Schreiber, where’ve you been? Please speak up a bit more often.]

The suspect also allegedly aided and abetted arsonists involved in torching the victims’ family home.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina assisted the federal investigators in locating and capturing a man they claim is a ruthless war criminal. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center also assisted the FBI in this investigation.