The title may sound sarcastic, but I haven’t decided if that’s what I’m being. Because this Bosnian Muslim (media a.k.a. “Muslim from Serbia”), who in the end didn’t manage to kill anyone, seems to be genuinely remorseful about his actions, and shows some post-terrorism sensibleness. Though it could all be thanks to the abandonment by his more Muslimy mentors:

Bosnia’s US Embassy Attacker Apologises for ‘Stupid Act’ (International Business Times, Nov. 14)

A Bosnian man being re-tried for an attack on the US Embassy in Sarajevo in 2011 has apologised for his “stupid act”.

Mevlid Jasarevic told the court that he had been manipulated and then rejected by his radical Islamist mentors.

“I truly apologise and regret any problems that my acts have caused to anyone,” Jasarevic told a Sarajevo court.

“I have been a victim of those who were telling me it was necessary to fight for Islam, to lead jihad,” he said, wearing a white shirt and jeans.

“How is it possible that all those who were telling me about jihad are now playing with their children and live free, with their wives, while I have not seen my child for months?” [That’s the sensible part.]

Jasarevic, 25, fired at the embassy for more than 40 minutes with an automatic rifle, seriously wounding a police officer. The attack sparked fears that, as Bosnia recovered from the wars of the 1990s, its Muslim population was becoming radicalised. [It didn’t “spark fears” but confirmed the obvious.]

Jasarevic, originally from Serbia, was sentenced to 18 years in prison after being found guilty of terrorism by Bosnia’s state court in December last year.

The verdict was withdrawn on appeal in July and a fresh trial was ordered after judge[s] deemed the original trial to be flawed while defence lawyers argue[d] they did not have sufficient access to witness testimony and evidence.

At his first trial, Jasarevic had a long beard and appeared in a traditional Wahhabi robe and cap. He boycotted many hearings, declaring that he only obeyed Allah and did not recognise the court.

In Bosnia, 40% of the population follow Islam and most Bosnian Muslims practice a moderate form of the religion. There has been a notable rise in the number of homegrown Islamist militants emanating from Bosnia, according to analysts.

Jasarevic was a member of the strict Wahhabi brand of Islam, which has risen in prominence after the Bosnian War of 1992-95. [How about that?!] He had resided in the northeastern village of Gomja Maoca for three years, an isolated community of Wahhabi believers.

He claims to have embraced Islam as a teenager during a prison term for bank robbery in Austria, where he originally lived throughout his childhood. He told the court that, in Go[rn]ja Maoca, he was exposed to videos illustrating the difficulties that Muslims faced in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations.

“I felt the need to do something, to get attention for the sufferings of the Muslims in the East,” he said. “I did not plan this dangerous, tragic and unbelievably stupid and sad act.”

He claimed that his radical Islamist mentors abandoned him after he was arrested, telling him that he had “misunderstood” their messages and teachings.

“Believe me, I understood them well and turned their words into acts,” Jasarevic said. He stated that he was now willing to assist the authorities in preventing “any youngster from going to fight in Syria”.

Jasarevic requested that the court cut his original prison sentence and take into account the fact that he was not aligned with an organised group and acted of his own accord as a “confused young man”. […]

This reminds me of Arid Uka, the young Albanian who likewise apologized for his actions in which he shot five American servicemen in early 2011 in Frankfurt. Uka likewise credibly claimed manipulation, in his case by inflammatory videos. As I’ve said before, though it sounds perverse, the Balkan terrorists do have a touch more humanity about them. After they’ve killed or maimed, of course. Jasarevic and Uka seem genuinely to be victims of the realer Muslims (though it’s distasteful to call themselves “victims” after claiming victims of their own).

So, when the MSM and worldwide political establishment were getting us on board the comparative moderates’ jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo, with terms like “modern, pork-eating, alcohol-drinking, European, non-religious, Westward-facing Muslims of the Balkans,” what they meant was, “Even if we are helping terrorists or helping make terrorists, they’ll be more remorseful ones.”

My favorite of this type, though he isn’t from the Balkans, is Ali Hamad, on whom there was an update not long after the November update on Jasarevic:

Ali Hamad, former Al Qaeda warrior in Bosnia: We were torturing Serbs in concentration camps, hammered them alive, drove rusty nails through their genitals (There Must Be Justice, Nov. 30, by Grey Carter)

Belgrade – Ali Ahmed Al Hamad, former Al Qaeda member and commander of [the] ruthless ‘El Mujaheddin’ unit, who sent a letter to [the] Serbian Government, requires extradition to Serbia.

After talks with Dusko Tomic (Al Hamad’s lawyer), the Prosecution is of the opinion that testifying by his client could be important for investigation of crimes committed by ‘El Mujaheddin’ against Serbian prisoners in Kamenica camp at the Town of Zavidovici in Bosnia.
According to Tomic, Al Hammad’s extradition to Serbia is a matter of days.

“If the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina decide to extradite Al Hammad to Bahrain where he was recruited by Al Qaeda, that would be a death sentence to him.” Tomic explained that Al Hammad “would have preferred to be extradited to Serbia in order to testify about all the crimes against Serbian population they committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also said that after testifying he would go to Bahrain only after all preparations for his safe return are done.

Meanwhile Serbian Prosecution for war crimes is leading a pre-trial action over crimes in Zavidovici and nine witnesses have been heard already.

The Prosecution notes that the Zavidovici massacre was among the most horrible crimes ever. [The] El Mujahedin detachment, composed [mostly] of fanatic volunteers from the Arab countries, had captured 60 Serbian soldiers. The Serbs [were] subject to unprecedented torture and suffering in [a] concentration camp in the village of Gostovići near Zavidovići.

The captured Serbs were forced to stab each other with daggers; Mujahedins hammered them alive with nails on a fence; the rusty nails were driven through their genitals. After the most horrifying bestiality which lasted for days, at the end the Mujahedins cut off their heads.

According to so far findings it has been determined that on July 21, 1995 the ‘El Mujaheddin’ unit of the 3rd corpus of the Bosnian Army attacked the place of Krcevine in the Zavidovici municipality. Soldiers of Republica Srpska Army were captured and taken to the village of Livade.

Two soldiers, Momir Mitrovic and Predrag Knezevic, were decapitated and it could be seen in the films the mujahedin recorded on tapes. Other prisoners were taken to a camp in Kamenica where they were beaten and tortured by electro-shocks constantly, every day. The most monstrous crime took place on July 24, 1995 when they decapitated Gojko Vujicic and forced other prisoners to kiss the cut-off head. Then they hung the head on a hook on a wall of a room where the prisoners were kept. More than 52 prisoners were killed in Bosnian Muslim Kamenica concentration camp.

Lawyer Dusko Tomic said that his client decided to speak because of a “deep remorse”.

“…My client believes that it’s Serbia’s interest to know the truth about all the crimes committed against Serbian people in Bosnia,” said Tomic.

Ali Hamad, a Bahraini citizen and former Al Qaeda warrior who claimed asylum in Serbia this week after [a] 12-year prison sentence in Bosnia, admits that he personally took part in atrocities against [the] Serbian population during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tomic says that the authorities of Bosnia launched [an] extradition procedure of Ali Hamad to Bahrain as revenge for his testifying against Rasim Delic, former Bosnian Army commander, before the Hague IC tribunal.

“Ali Hamad gave statements to [the] CIA and ‘other intelligence services’, thus Al Qaeda cells in Spain and Germany were disclosed a few years ago; [and] thanks to Ali Hammad 12 Al Qaeda members were arrested in Italy, [confirming] his statement that the mujaheddins were transferred there from Bosnia, once jihad was over there”, said Tomic.