I meant to get to this earlier:

Greek uproar over UCK support picture (ekathimerini.com, Sept. 5, 2013)

Albanian international Ergys Kace Wednesday eliminated his Facebook page after causing an uproar in the Greek press with a picture he posted supporting a Kosovar militant group.

The 20-year-old PAOK midfielder had posted a picture where he was seen wearing a tee-shirt of the UCK, the Albanian abbreviation for the ethnic-Albanian paramilitary organization the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Before erasing his Facebook account Kace appologised for his actions saying the tee-shirt belonged to a friend.

“Those who know me know my character and know that I do not (support) the UCK. I respect Greece,” Kace wrote.

The Thessaloniki club did not issue a statement but team officials have told the Greek press that they feel the case is closed.

The UCK sought the separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia during the 1990s and members of the group have recently made provocative statements claiming parts of Western Greece belong to Albania, which have been criticised by the Greek government. [AFP]

Well now, here’s a paradox. The kid is being faulted for supporting allies of the U.S. and NATO in the above-described 1990s joint venture and beyond. This rarest of Albanians claims he does not, in fact, support the KLA, which the United States Government does support and which is now the ‘legitimate’ government of U.S.-backed Kosovo.

Of course, it’s hard to believe Kace that he doesn’t really support the KLA, given that the shirt belongs “to a friend.” How does he manage to fit in?